Message from the Campus Dean

Welcome – Campus Dean, Melissa A Valerio-Shewmaker, Ph.D. M.P.H.

Welcome to UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio! The goal of our campus is to serve the San Antonio region, South Texas and worldwide in promoting health and preventing disease and injury in our community.

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students at the UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio I welcome you to our campus. The campus has over 200 students completing coursework in the fields of Epidemiology, Environmental/Occupational Health Sciences, Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, and Management, Policy and Community Health Practice. Our graduate training programs focus on the preparation of the future public health workforce. As one of the campuses for the UTHealth School of Public Health in Houston, we are able to contribute to our local and regional San Antonio community needs as well as to national and international public health and population health. The faculty members at the San Antonio Campus focus on addressing the public health needs of underserved and vulnerable populations.

Faculty at the San Antonio Campus conduct research to better identify the impact of social determinants of health on long-term health and quality of life across the globe.Together with our local and international partners we work to identify, develop, and test strategies to improve health in the workplace, clinics and community settings. Our research focuses on health outcomes allows us to better address the health of populations across the world. Our faculty expertise and experience promotes skills in research design, intervention design, and policy.

In 2006, we became the first Campus to offer the MD/MPH dual degree program, a collaborative program between UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine and UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio. The integrated dual degree program satisfies the requirements of both the MD and MPH degree programs in 4 years.  In its eleventh year, the program has become one of the largest in the country and is now offered across the UTHealth School of Public Health campuses. We also offer a 4+1 program that continues to grow in partnership with The University of Texas at San Antonio and St. Mary’s University. The 4+1 program provides a direct line for undergraduate students to enroll in and complete their master’s degree coursework in a shorter amount of time. Both programs are designed to promote and educate the future public health workforce of San Antonio. The UTHealth curriculum is focused on providing an education to ensure that best practices are integrated in the promotion of population health outcomes.

The San Antonio Campus is located at the southern edge of the Texas Hill Country. The city of San Antonio is often referred to as Military City USA. As the seventh largest city (population 1.49 million) in the United States and the second most populous city in Texas, we offer distinctive cultural and historical experience and boast a diverse population. We welcome you to the campus and look forward to having you join us while you complete your graduate training.