Dean's Welcome

Dean Ness a 5365.1 | Deans WelcomeIt is 2020. You are working in academia, in a public health agency, in industry, or for a community organization. You are based in Karachi; Johannesburg; Washington, D.C.; Denver; or Dallas. Every day, you use the precious instruments in your toolbox to make the world a healthier place.

Thank goodness you trained at The University of Texas School of Public Health.

Your toolbox is stocked full of the most cutting edge approaches taught to you by world famous scientists who put quality teaching at the center of their priorities. Thank goodness you were trained at The UT School of Public Health because you learned to battle enormous public health challenges: changing demographics, emerging infectious diseases, dangerous health behaviors, ever more expensive yet untested medical technologies. As a student at UTSPH, you were exposed to the largest body of ongoing research in the U.S., examining health problems among America s fastest-growing population: Hispanics. You not only studied – but took up arms – against infectious diseases as part of our Student Epidemic Intelligence Service. You applied the most innovative methods to change behavior, which you learned from the top-ranked behavioral science program in the country. You considered the role of genetics in disease at one of the world’s most famous genetics centers. You genuinely understood biostatistics by seeing it applied to some of the largest clinical trials and cohort studies in the nation.

At UTSPH you were connected to experts at all of our six campuses. And, if in Houston, you worked at the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the world.

You had the opportunity to work side by side with faculty experts who go out every day and make a difference in communities across the state of Texas and beyond. You responded to disasters like Katrina, Rita and Ike. You worked with faculty and local, state and national experts to combat SARS, H1N1 and help develop prevention strategies for bird flu.

And the best part is that at UTSPH, you chose the best value in education among the top ten schools of public health. Our remarkably low tuition, large number of scholarships and assistantships, and work opportunities left you able to enjoy one of the world s most rewarding careers without debt.

Here at UTSPH, we challenge you to go forth, think creatively, strive to discover and transform public health.


Dean Roberta B. Ness