School Awards and Honors

Faculty Awards

Excellence in Teaching Award

The UTSPH Academic Council gives an annual award for Excellence in Teaching. It is presented to two faculty members or teams who have made exemplary contributions to the UTSPH educational mission.

2013 Wenyaw Chan, PhD and Margaret Caughy, ScD

2012 Stephen Linder, PhD,  and Beatrice Selwyn, ScD

2011 Jan Risser, PhD, Linda Lloyd, PhD, and Larry Whitehead, PhD


Research Mentoring Award

UTSPH Research Council annually recognizes a research mentor-mentee pair that has made significant progress towards establishing the mentee as an independent investigator. Division directors nominate one mentor-mentee pair for the Research Mentoring Award.

2013 Susan Tortolero, PhD, and Melissa Peskin, PhD

2012 Laura Mitchell,PhD, and Philip Lupo, PhD

2011 Cheryl Perry, PhD, and Melissa Stigler, PhD


Excellence In Service Award

The Practice Council presented the inaugural Award for Excellence in Service. This award will be presented to faculty members who have made a continuous commitment to community service on behalf of UTSPH.

2013 Deanna Hoelscher, PhD, and  Cathy Troisi, PhD

2012 Belinda Reininger, DrPH, and Andrew Springer, DrPH

SPHSA Awards

The McGovern Award for Excellence in Teaching

2012-2013 Pamela Diamond, PhD

2011-2012 Elizabeth Gammon, PhD

2010-2011 Beatrice J. Selwyn, ScD

2009-2010 Elizabeth Gammon, PhD

2008-2009 J. Kay Dunn, PhD

2007-2008 Xianglin L. Du, PhD

2006-2007 J. Kay Dunn, PhD

2005-2006 Lowell E. Sever, PhD

2004-2005 Ann L. Coker, PhD

2003-2004 Susan Tortolero, PhD

2002-2003 J. Kay Dunn, PhD

2001-2002 Karen J. Goodman, PhD

2000-2001 Sharon Cooper, PhD

1999-2000 Lowell E. Sever, PhD

1998-1999 Stephen Linder, PhD

1997-1998 Elizabeth Heitman, PhD

1996-1997 Beatrice J. Selwyn, ScD

1995-1996 Richard B. Shekelle, PhD

1994-1995 Mary Ann Smith, PhD

1993-1994 Asha Kapadia, PhD

1992-1993 Lu Ann Aday, PhD

1991-1992 J. Fred Annegers, PhD

1990-1991 Beatrice J. Selwyn, ScD

1989-1990 Ronald N. Forthofer, PhD

1988-1989 Alfonso Holguin, MD, MPH

1987-1988 Carl H. Slater, MD, MEd

1986-1987 C. Morton Hawkins, ScD

1985-1986 Alfonso Holguin, MD, MPH

1984-1985 Michael Decker, PhD

The James Emerson Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant

2012 Dhaval Desai, MBBS

2011 Hari Sagiraju, MD, MPH

Professor Emeritus

The following faculty members have been honored with Professor Emeritus status for their years of research and teaching excellence given to The University of Texas School of Public Health.


Dean Emeritus

Guy S. Parcel, PhD (2013)



C. Morton Hawkins, MPH, ScD

Asha S. Kapadia, PhD (2010)

George R. Kerr, MD (2004)

William J. Schull, PhD


Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Sciences

Alfonso H. Holguin, MD, MPH (2004)

Marcus M. Key, MD (1996)


Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences

Blair Justice, PhD


Management, Policy and Community Health

Lu Ann Aday, PhD (2007)

M. David Low, MD, PhD (2005)

Pauline Vaillancourt Rosenau, PhD (2013)