Operational Values

Related to UTSPH Goals and Objectives

Think creatively

relates to all objectives and translates to school-wide energy to make leaps in the quality and quantity of teaching, practice and research and is spearheaded by a committee whose charge is to remove barriers to innovation, which is called Innovation Incubation (see Appendix 1.1.e. for committee membership).

Strive to discover

relates to a renewed push to expand conducted research and enhance its impact. Further, it positions the research endeavor and the translation of research findings to the next generation of public health researchers as central areas of focus.

Educate the finest minds

relates to our goals and objectives to expand the student body, raise standards, offer quality educational programming, and continue to enhance diversity. However, it also relates to our value of discovery; the better and more science we conduct the better students we will attract and the more we will bring innovation into the classroom.

Transform public health

describes the link between research and both teaching and practice. We strive to translate public health evidence to influence current practice and outcomes as well as to prepare the next generation of practitioners and researchers.

Ethical Values

The field of public health study and research is devoted to the pursuit of health with an emphasis on disease and injury prevention and is at the center of health systems. With individual health and well-being as the focus, public health research and practice create systematic community and population-based solutions. Ethical values are guides for behavior and appropriate action. We, therefore, espouse these values as essential for the public health profession.

  • The pursuit of truth
  • Encouraging learning
  • Personal responsibility
  • Compassion and community responsibility
  • Cooperation
  • Professionalism
  • Equality and justice