Creating a world of health without boundaries begins by setting the standard for diversity, equity and inclusion in education and research.

Challenging a one-size-fits-all approach to public health

As the largest school of public health in Texas, founded in 1967, we continually seek to promote learning environments that represent the diverse communities we serve. The cultural, geographic, and economic variations within the state of Texas lends itself to such opportunities, and heavily influences our curriculum, research, and impact.

We are committed to supporting and fulfilling the need for diversity, equity, and accountability within our institution, partner communities, and beyond. We continually seek to recruit, retain, and represent historically underrepresented groups at each campus, and within our research. Our faculty members, leadership, and staff recognize and celebrate the many faces that make up UTHealth School of Public Health.





Melissa Valerio-Shewmaker

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Development and Diversity, Melissa Valerio-Shewmaker, PhD

"I am honored to serve as the school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion associate dean, and remain committed to our efforts to facilitate ongoing programing, education, and research to represent and benefit underrepresented communities and focus on inclusivity. The UTHealth SPH work influences the communities we serve and the future generation of public health professionals. It is essential that we embrace and continue the progression of acceptance, inclusion, tolerance, and appreciation of others to promote health equity and social justice."

Kymberle_Sterling_IPH Headshot2

Kymberle Sterling, Associate Professor of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, IDEA Committee Chair

"Texas is one of the country’s most diverse states in the U.S.. As such, we are proud to have a strong mix of intelligent and determined individuals who continually advance the field of public health, no matter their background. In addition to advancing the academic careers of our students, UTHealth School of Public Health remains steadfast in creating an impact within the communities we serve, and beyond."


A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is not enough

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F.A.C.E.S. of UTHealth

Our five guiding principles:

1 - Foster a culture where every voice is welcome, heard, and respected.

2 - Affirm diversity, understanding, accepting, and embracing our differences.

3 - Create an inclusive environment that respects the unique characteristics, skills, and experiences of all learners, faculty, and staff.

4 - Empower individuals to promote diversity and inclusion.

5 - Strive toward equity for all.

IDEA Committee

Our IDEA Committee consists of faculty, students, and staff members of the UTHealth School of Public Health.

Questions can be directed to: sph.idea@uth.tmc.edu

DEI Events

2022 Diversity Fair Hosted by UTHealth School of Public Health Student Association

2022 Diversity Fair Hosted by Student Association