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No matter whether you’re entering a degree program or you’re taking classes to further your professional education, The University of Texas School of Public Health is the place for you. No where else can you get the quality educational programming and opportunity to learn from active professionals in Health Science Centers and Universities across Texas.

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Dual Degrees

If you are interested in pursuing an MPH or PhD in addition to another graduate degree, at The University of Texas School of Public Health you can combine your efforts and earn both degrees in less time than working toward each degree individually. UTSPH has teamed with outstanding universities across Texas to offer unique dual degree opportunities that can further your career.

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Upon entering a degree program, some students find a particular area of public health sparks an interest. UTSPH offers four concentrations giving students a broad perspective in a specialized area covering all of the core areas of public health. Concentrations available include – Global Health, Health Disparities, Leadership Studies and Maternal and Child Health.

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Certificate programs offer students an opportunity for professional training or to test the academic waters if interested in a degree program. There are four certificate programs to choose from at UTSPH – a General Public Health Certificate, Health Disparities, Maternal and Child Health or Public Health Informatics. Courses can be taken on any UTSPH campus or online.

A Public Health Education

What area in public health interests you?

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Students in the field conducting a rapid needs assessment.

Epidemiology, health promotion, healthcare management? UTSPH has a program for you.

Endless Opportunities

Four divisions and six campuses covering all areas of public health. Students at UTSPH work side-by-side faculty and researchers to learn best practices and innovative techniques to make a difference in public health.

Options for Learning

Location isn’t a barrier for students at UTSPH. Classes can be taken in person at a campus, via interactive television (ITV) or online.