Academics FAQs

Academic/Student Records

What are comment cards and how do I view them and/or get a copy?

The instructor of the course is required to complete a Comment Card on your academic performance after you have completed the course. This takes place when the grades are submitted to the Registrar’s Office at the end of the semester. You may view the comments online at MyUTH. Comments are only viewable for one semester. If you need comments from a previous semester, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 713.500.9032 or visit us at RAS E-201.

Which students are required to have an evaluation meeting at the end of the semester?

All students are required to meet with their committee during the evaluation week at the end of the semester, unless they are graduating or the meeting has been cancelled by the academic advisor. Students will be notified on the intranet of their scheduled meeting time. If the scheduled time can not be met, it’s the student’s responsibility to reschedule a meeting. Any student who does not come to a scheduled meeting will have a HOLD placed on their next semester registration.

Where do I access the appropriate forms for my evaluation meeting?

Download the evaluation form. We recommend that students keep a copy on file in their computer. That way you can update the form each semester prior to your evaluation meeting.

How do I obtain a leave of absence?

To obtain a leave of absence, please refer to the leave of absence policy.


If my advisor of my committee is leaving, do I get assigned another advisor?

No, it is your responsibility to select a new advisor from your major division faculty members. You must then complete a Change of Advisor Request form and submit the signed form to the Office of Student Affairs for final approval.

I’m an MPH student and I want to replace the 2nd member on my committee. Can I do this?


Can I have an outside member on my committee and how do I do that?

Yes, but only as an optional committee member and the student must provide a CV of the individual. MPH students must process an Optional Committee Member Form. M.S. and Doctoral students should include the optional member on their committee form. The form and the CV must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs for approval.

Can I have an outside member be my thesis or dissertation supervisor?

Yes, if your advisory committee gives approval for the individual to serve in that capacity. The student must provide a CV of the individual and process a Thesis Supervisor Form or a Doctoral Committee Appointment Form.


I’m trying to register and the system is telling me I need a REGI Group Assignment. What does this mean?

It means that you must contact the Office of Student Affairs. You’ve probably taken a semester or more off from your studies and you need to be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs before a REGI group can be assigned. After your record is verified, we will direct you on the appropriate procedure. This is an overnight process.

How do I resolve the holds on my record?

You will need to contact the appropriate office individually to get your holds removed. You can contact the Registrar’s Office at 713.500.3361 get more information.

How do I get an approval code for a class?

Contact the instructor of the class.

How do I obtain health insurance during the summer term if I am not enrolled?

To obtain health insurance during the summer term if you are not enrolled, please contact UT Auxiliary Enterprises.

Does my health insurance cover me during the time I am abroad?

Please contact UT Auxiliary Enterprises.

How do I establish wireless connection at the school, resolve webmail login problems or password changes?

Please contact UTSPH IT Services.

How do I resolve blackboard issues?

Please contact the Office of Instructional Development.