MD/MPH - Baylor College of Medicine

UTHealth School of Public Health in conjunction with Baylor College of Medicine offers students the opportunity to obtain an M.P.H. degree along with their medical doctorate degree. Usually, a student earns both degrees in five years of full-time study. Students should apply to UTHealth School of Public Health at the same time as the medical school, although application decisions will be considered separately. During the first 3 years of medical school, the MPH curriculum is integrated with the standard medical school curriculum. The fourth year is spent primarily at the School of Public Health with students returning to the medical school for the 5th and final year. Students may also apply to the dual degree program after they have begun medical school, up until the completion of MS3, but this may lengthen the MPH program beyond five years.

Program Timeline Options

5-year Program (Summer Start)

For more information about the MD/MPH 5-year option (summer semester prior to medical school), download the 5-year MD/MPH Sample Degree Plan

The MPH Program – 45 Credits Total

  • Core Courses (18 credits)
  • Shared Credits from Baylor College of Medicine (12 credits)
  • Advanced Public Health Coursework (9 credits)
  • Integrative Learning Experience (3 credits)
  • Practicum (3 credits)

Students pursuing a dual degree opportunity are entered into the Customized MPH program at UTHealth School of Public Health. For more information on the Customized MPH program and to view a program planner, click here

Program Contacts:
Robert Hammarberg, MPA 

Linda B. Piller, MD, MPH 

Robert Hammarberg, MPA 

Baylor College of Medicine
Julieana Nichols, MD, MPH