MD/MPH - UTHealth Medical School

Medical students at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston may apply for a four or five-year integrated MD/MPH Program. The program prepares the student of medicine for a career in academia or in specialized areas of medicine that are not taught as part of the traditional medical school curriculum. Students spend the fall and spring semesters at the School of Public Health after the first, second or third medical school year. Interested students may apply early (as soon as possible after medical school acceptance) so that they can enroll in online classes during the summer before they begin medical school. This facilitates completion of the requisite hours needed for graduation. Students may also apply to the dual degree program after they have begun medical school, but this may lengthen the MPH program beyond five years. Students can also apply for the Certificate Program; enrolling in this latter program allows students to take courses online for which they can receive credit once they are admitted to the School of Public Health.

Students may start the certificate program during the summer before they enter medical school. Otherwise, students should apply during the winter of their first Medical School year, however, it is possible to apply for entry as late as the winter of the third year. Students cannot begin their year of full-time study at the School of Public Health after graduating from Medical School.

The usual application procedures and deadlines should be followed at the School of Public Health, in consultation with the Medical School s Associate Dean for Educational Programs. Applicants to the Program do not have to take the GRE.

See the informational flyer for the MD/MPH in Medicine and Public Health for more details.

For more information about the MD/MPH 4-year option, download the 4-year MD/MPH Sample Degree Plan.
For more information about the MD/MPH 5-year option, download the 5-year MD/MPH Sample Degree Plan.

See SOPHAS APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Houston for more information on how to apply.

Sam Neher, MS

Linda Piller, MD, MPH