Data Science


Data Science is an emerging field from (bio)statistics and computer science. Training of Data Science professionals requires courses of both fundamental statistics and computational approaches. Students will be provided the opportunity to develop their skills and learn essential data science languages to work with data and understand the complete process or cycle of study design, data collection, data management, data analysis and data integration.

Application requirements can be viewed at this link: 

Additionally, applicants interested in applying to the Data Science Certificate program should possess previous knowledge of calculus, linear algebra and basic knowledge of computer programming.


The Data Science Certificate program comprises four (4) courses that include two basic biostatistics courses and two data science courses.

PH 1690

Foundation of Biostatistics 

PH 1700

Intermediate Biostatistics 

PH 1975

Introduction to Data Science 

PH 1976

Fundamentals of Data Analytics and Predictions 

This certificate cannot be completed solely online.

Contact Information

Hongyu Miao

Associate Professor

Department: Biostatistics and Data Science
Telephone: 713-500-9587

Ashraf Yaseen

Assistant Professor

Department: Biostatistics and Data Science
Telephone: 713-500-9583