Non-Degree Students

Keeping Up Your Skills

Attending classes as a non-degree student is an option for those who would like to learn more about specialized areas of public health without applying to a formal degree or certificate program.

Non-Degree Program:  

- Students can take up to 16 credit hours total

- Courses (a maximum of 16 credits are allowed for the entire program) successfully completed as a non-degree/certificate student may count toward an SPH degree once admission to a degree-seeking program has been granted, if:

  • A grade of A or B or Pass has been earned in any course that has been completed within the last 5 years, and
  • The course is approved by the student’s advisory committee (advisor should write memo documenting approval for the student file).

***Admission into the Non-Degree/Certificate program does not guarantee admissions into a degree-seeking program. ***

For ALL applicants:

1        Online Application: SOPHAS EXPRESS

2        Application Fee $50

3        Supporting Documents to be submitted

  • Statement of Purpose and Objectives
  • Reference Letter (electronic request to recommender through the application)
  • Transcripts (Applicant may upload official or unofficial transcripts that list’s the degree awarded. In the event the applicant is admitted, they will be required to submit an official transcript to our registrar’s office.)

Program Deadlines

International Non-Degree Applicants

For students with international transcripts:

  • Foreign transcripts must be evaluated through World Education Services (WES) ONLY. A course-by-course transcript ICAP evaluation is required
  • TOEFL scores (within last two years)

Minimum Requirements:

  • Paper-based: 600
  • Computer-based: 250
  • Internet-based: 100

We recommend that international applicants who hold F-1 visas should contact the Office of International Affairs to verify eligibility for enrollment as a non-degree seeking student.

NOTE: UTSPH does not sponsor student visas for international non-degree applicants (Please e-mail to verify visas that are eligible for the Non-Degree program)

For Additional Assistance
For further assistance with the application process and information, please contact