Non-Degree Students

Keeping Up Your Skills

Attending classes as a non-degree student is an option for those who would like to learn more about specialized areas of public health without applying to a formal degree or certificate program.

Students can attend up to 16 credit hours of classes as a non-degree student. These credits can count toward a degree program at UTSPH if a student chooses to apply and is accepted for admission with the following considerations:

  • a passing grade was earned in each course,
  • the courses were completed within the last five years of matriculation into the degree program, and
  • the courses were approved by the student’s advisory committee (advisor should write memo documenting approval for the student file).

Students may take additional hours if affiliated with formal non-degree programs. However, students wishing to take more than 16 credit hours are strongly advised to apply for admission to a degree program.

Non-degree students must submit a non-degree application to attend any classes at UTSPH. Applicants to the non-degree program must submit an application and accompanying documents by December 1 for the spring, March 1 for the summer, and July 1 for the fall semesters. Admission to a non-degree program does not assure subsequent admission to a degree program.

International Non-Degree Applicants

We recommend that international applicants who hold F-1 visas contact the Office of International Affairs to verify eligibility for enrollment as a non-degree seeking student.

For Additional Assistance

For further assistance with the application process and information, please contact