The UT School of Public Health is unique among public health graduate schools as it is the only institution in the nation comprised of multiple campuses. With regional campuses spread across the state of Texas, students have countless opportunities to use the diverse outreach and community resources available to them and to participate in research at any site.

UTSPH map | Campuses

In addition to the main campus in Houston, the regional campuses are located in Austin (2007), Brownsville (2001) Dallas (1998), El Paso (1992) and San Antonio (1979). The master of public health degree, doctoral degrees and the certificate programs are offered at all regional campuses.

Each campus has its own unique environment, faculty and research specialties. The Austin Regional Campus focuses on child obesity and health promotion. Border health is a part of both the Brownsville and El Paso Regional Campuses. The Brownsville Regional Campus has a strong diabetes and tuberculosis research interest. The El Paso Campus is involved in designing new prevention techniques to help underserved communities. The Dallas Regional Campus has research interests in health disparities and addiction research while community health and public health practice are central to the mission of the San Antonio Regional Campus.

In addition to providing local classes, the school uses Interactive Television (ITV) as a unique classroom interface to connect the campuses. It allows students to attend and participate in UTSPH classes originating at any of the campuses. Online classes are also offered to all students.