Austin Campus Student Association Board

The Austin Campus Student Association Board is a group of elected student officers working to improve the quality of students' experience while attending the UT School of Public Health in Austin.

The mission of the Student Association is to:

  • Promote the two-way communication within and between the student body, faculty, staff, and administration at the school and institutional levels
  • Improve the quality of student life through a variety of social activities
  • Foster opportunity for student involvement in special events and service to the community at large.

For inquiries about events or programs hosted by the Austin Campus Student Association, please contact the appropriate officer below.

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2017-2018 Student Association Board

President - Amelia Roebuck - email


Vice President - Natalie Neumann - email


Treasurer - Madison Wisdom - email


Communications Chair - Aslesha Sumbe - email


Social Activities Chair & Community Service Chair - Tori Odetunde - email