Student Evaluations

What are Student Evaluations?

To ensure all degree-seeking students are making progress towards their degree completion, the UTHealth School of Public Health Academic Council has reassessed "Evaluation Week" for faculty and students. With feedback from departments, Academic Council has decided that all student evaluation meetings will no longer be held during the last week of the semester. Instead, students will meet with their primary faculty advisor at least once during the fall and once during the spring semester of the student's enrollment in a degree program.

The student is responsible for contacting the faculty member to schedule their evaluation. The student must also bring the required forms, and grades from previous semesters, located in myUTH, to the meeting (grades on myUTH can be found via the course history option). At the conclusion of the meeting, the appropriate academic progress report(s) will be completed and signed by both faculty and advisee. For more information, please download the student evaluation policy here.

At the scheduled meeting, master’s students will bring a blank copy of the MPH Advisory Committee Report.  MS students will bring a blank copy of the Report on Degree Progress.  Doctoral students will bring a blank copy of the Milestones Agreement (first meeting), or Milestones Evaluation and Tracking Form. All masters students should download and update the Evaluation of Student Progress form found below on this page.  Be sure to select the correct form for your department. It is suggested that you keep an electronic copy of this form so you can update it at the end of each semester.  Be sure to turn in either the MPH Advisory Committee Report or the Report on Degree Progress at the end of your meeting to the Office of Student Services. 

MPH and MS Evaluation Meeting Forms

SPH MPH Advisory Committee Report

MS Report on Degree Progress

Doctoral: Milestones Evaluation Forms

Milestones Agreement Form First Doctoral Student Meeting

Milestones Evaluation and Tracking Form Subsequent Doctoral Student Meetings

MPH Programs: Evaluation of Student Progress Forms

MPH Biostatistics

MPH in Community Health Practice

MPH in Epidemiology

MPH in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences

MPH in Health Care Management

MPH In Health Services Organization

MPH in Occupational and Environmental Health

MPH Competencies This form can be used by all MPH students who matriculated prior to Fall 2011. It can be also be used by regional MPH students who do not have a customized MPH degree plan.

MPH - General or Customized Evaluation and Competencies form (2)

MS Programs: Evaluation of Student Progress Forms

MS in Biostatistics Student Progress

MS in Epidemiology