Maternal and Child Health Fellowship

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MCH Fellowship

Maternal and Child Health Fellowship

The University of Texas School of Public Health is offering a Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Training Fellowship that will provide leadership development and a training component to students interested in a career path in MCH. Professionals from a wide range of health care backgrounds, such as, medicine, nursing, nutrition, public health and social work will gain the hands-on skill set needed to work as leaders in the MCH workforce.


The MCH Fellowship Program is currently available to all students at the UTHealth School of Public Health who are currently enrolled or plan to enroll in the MCH concentration or the MCH certificate program.

Financial Resources

In addition to the MCH experience gained as a fellow, partial tuition support of $750 per semester is available for students selected for an MCH Training Fellowship.

Fellowship Requirements

To complete the two core seminars in Maternal and Child Health during both the fall and spring semesters, students must:

Complete a minimum of 16 credits including:

  • Three credit hours of the MCH Core Training Seminar
  • Two credit hours of the MCH  Fellowship Seminar
  • Six hours of electives selected from the approved list

All students are required to attend the 5-hour weekly seminar in both the fall and spring semesters (10 credits total) during their fellowship year.

Complete experiential placements in MCH-related projects and programs:

  • Experiential placements serve as a mechanism allowing trainees to learn about MCH practice in local settings as it relates to infrastructure, populations, service delivery, evaluation, gaps and resources

Participate in required small group special technical assistance projects with HRSA Region VI Title V agencies and associated programs:

  • Fellowship trainees participate in one ongoing special project each year that is part of the MCH Core Training Seminar and results in specific reports to meet a current, significant need for each state Title V program each year

Participate in MCH Leadership Training:

  • Fellowship trainees will complete a Conductive Leadership Training Curriculum as part of the MCH Core Training Seminar

How to Apply

To apply for an MCH Fellowship, students should complete the following:

MCH Fellowship Application

  • Concurrent admission to either the MCH Certificate program OR the MCH Concentration is required
  • The deadline for applications is announced each spring semester for admission to the MCH Fellowship program in the following academic year.