Graduate Students Training

Training Program in Pharmacological Sciences

This interdisciplinary Training Program in Pharmacological Sciences (TPS) is designed to train leaders for academia, biotechnology/industrial firms, and regulatory agencies who will develop innovations, approaches, and new strategies for drug development and accelerate the rate of bringing new therapeutics to the market. The training program is unique in several ways: (1) it spans the entire range of drug development from initial target identification and validation through Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval; (2) it is led by Dr. John F. Hancock and a leadership team with extensive, first-hand experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well as academia; (3) it introduces a systems biology approach to achieve efficacy and safety by identifying and selectively modulating relevant pathways, rather than individual targets, and addresses all major phases of the drug development process; and (4) it includes analyses of major successes and failures in the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies.

This program is managed by the Keck Center of the Gulf Coast Consortia. For more information, click here.