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Deadlines and Steps
Degree Requirements
MPH ILE Approval and Completion
Student Research (Thesis and Dissertation)
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Graduation Preparation

All Students
  1. Confirm you've completed all academic requirements for your degree and program.

  2. Meet with your faculty advisor or committee to discuss your readiness for graduation.

  3. *Confirm your class schedule. Students must be registered for at least three credit hours during the semester in which they intend to graduate.

  4. Review the graduation deadlines and steps.

  5. Check your UTHealth school issued email ( regularly.

    • Your UTHealth email is the only email our office will use to communicate graduation notices including missing items, degree audit information and any other information concerning your academic record. Remember to check it regularly to ensure you remain on track for graduation.

*MD/MPH students should contact their staff advisor for enrollment requirements.

Course Substitutions, Waivers, Grade Changes and Repeated Required Courses

  • Students must submit the appropriate form(s) for any course waivers or substitutions.
  • Students cannot graduate with an incomplete (I) in any UTHealth course or F in any required School of Public Health course.
    • All courses with incomplete grades must be resolved with the instructor and the grade change form submitted by the last day of a student's graduating semester.
    • All course retakes for previously failed required courses must be passed by the end of the student's graduating semester.

Thesis or Dissertation

Beginning fall 2016, it is required by school policy that all UTHealth School of Public Health students completing a thesis or dissertation must submit the proposal for review and approval:

  • prior to the term in which they expect to graduate;
  • before beginning any proposed research methods/protocol, and
  • no later than the last class day of the term prior to graduation.

MPH Independent Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) Approval Form

All MPH students enrolling in PHM 1996 or PHM 9998 for their independent ILE must:

  • Complete the MPH Independent ILE Approval form when registering for the ILE course, and prior to the apply to graduate deadline if enrolling during their graduating semester.

International Students
  • International students must be registered full-time (nine hours fall and spring, 6 hours summer), unless they receive approval for less hours by submitting the Course Load Reduction Statement to the Office of International Affairs during their graduating semester. Contact your international advisor for additional requirements.


Graduation Procedures
Student Research

Graduation Procedures

What happens during the graduation process?
  1. Students apply for graduation and begin turning in requirements.
  2. A degree audit is performed by the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services.
  3. Graduation candidates are notified if there are any issues with the audit prior to the end of the semester.
  4. Final grades are posted by faculty.
  5. Students who have successfully completed all academic requirements, including passing their final courses, are sent to the Office of the Registrar.
  6. The Office of the Registrar performs a final check and posts your degree completion on myUTH, your transcript and to the National Student Clearinghouse.

*Non-dual-degree: 4-6 weeks after the end of the semester

*Dual-degree: 4-8 weeks after the end of the semester, depending on when the final official partner school transcript is available


How do I know which items are due and if I have holds?
  1. Log in to myUTH.
  2. In the "Tasks" tile:
  • Click on the “To Do List Items” link to view your graduation checklist.
  • Click on “Holds” to view current holds on your account.


Will holds and items in my To Do list not related to graduation stop me from graduating?

No, but they will bar you from receiving enrollment verification, degree verification (i.e. letters, transcripts, diploma, etc.) and enrolling if you will continue attending UTHealth for another degree.


I applied to graduate in a previous semester. Do I have to resubmit everything?

It depends on how far along in the process you were in the previous semester.


  1. School of Public Health's Online Intent to Graduate form
  2. Intent to Graduate Signature page (available on "Step II" or page two of the online intent)
  3. In most cases, the graduation fee, check your myUTH account before the deadline

Requirements that carry over from a previous semester:

  • The myUTH graduation application, if the graduation fee was paid
  • The evaluation, if submitted during the most recent fall or spring semester
  • Waiver, substitution and transfer credit forms
  • The Degree-Seeking Graduate Certificate Completion form if you completed one of the six approved degree-seeking certificates (formerly concentrations) offered by the UTHealth School of Public Health
  • Student research and MPH ILE submissions


What happens if I don't turn in all of the required documents by the deadline?

Depending on the type of requirement, failing to meet the deadline date(s) could prevent you from graduating, cause a hold to be placed on your record or bar you from receiving any type of degree verification.


I won't be able to graduate this semester. Who should I contact?

Send an email to and copy your faculty advisor.


What is the official graduation/degree conferral date?
  • The degree conferral date is the date that will be listed on the transcript and diploma as the date of degree completion. The date always falls on the last day of the semester.
  • Non-dual-degree students are processed as graduates by the Office of the Registrar approximately 4-6 weeks after the last day of the semester. Dual degree students are processed approximately 4-8 weeks after the last day of the semester. The degree conferral date is backdated to the last day of the semester.


When will I know that I’m an official graduate according to UTHealth?

You will receive a congratulatory email from a member of the School of Public Health administration sent to your home email.

Student Research

Who should I contact for assistance with my thesis or dissertation?


  • Primary contact for research subject matter, data, content, presentations, timeline and progress

Student Research

  • Proposal and final submission policies and documentation
  • Research systems: IRB, CITI, ProQuest
  • Format review


Writing Support Services

  • Academic writing: text, style, citing sources, paper organization, avoiding plagiarism
  • Paper review
  • Systematic reviews


Information on diplomas, transcripts, degree verification and system accesses are available on the After Graduation page.


UTHealth School of Public Health holds its annual commencement ceremony at the end of each spring semester. All students from all campuses who are awarded their degree during the summer, fall, and spring semester are encouraged to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Visit the commencement site for more details at: For questions, contact the commencement team:

Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services

Degree-Seeking Graduate Certificates (formerly concentrations)

MPH Independent Integrative Learning Experience (ILE)

Academic Advising

*Student Forms

Student Records
Student Research (Thesis and Dissertation) Student Research
Graduation Procedures Graduation Team
Commencement Commencement Team

*International students who plan to apply for OPT should first contact their international advisor.

UTHealth Department Contacts

If you have a hold in myUTH with any departments at UTHealth, please contact the department directly to resolve them as soon as possible. Unresolved checklist items can turn into holds, and unresolved holds can bar you degree verification and further enrollment.

Auxiliary Services

Student Health Insurance: or 713-500-8400

Main number: 713-500-8420

Bursar's Office


Office of International Affairs

Contact your international advisor for visa clearance procedures. or 713-500-3176

Office of the Registrar


Student Financial Services

Federal Loan Exit Interview: or 713-500-3300

Main number: 713-500-3860

TMC Library Library fees: TMC Library or 713-799-7147