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Welcome to UTHealth School of Public Health!

Any new experience is full of anticipation and excitement. At UTSPH, the Office of Student Affairs will try to make your transition into graduate school as smooth as possible.

There are a handful of items that must be completed prior to starting school. On the following tabs you will find in-depth information on Orientation and a New Student Checklist that will guide you through all the steps toward walking through the doors for classes. We suggest you begin completing the checklist early since some steps will take a while to complete.

Keep in mind that some of these steps may be different for students at the regional campuses; please contact the Student Affairs representative from your campus.



New Student Orientation

  • Spring 2018 Orientation: Wednesday, January 3, 2018

  • Fall 2018 Orientation: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

New Student Checklist

(Details for each item are listed on the following pages) 



1.       Reply to your offer of admission


2.       Complete your criminal background check*


3.       Complete & submit your immunization record*


4.       Review and apply for Financial Aid (if needed)


5.       International Students: wait to be contacted by the Office of International Affairs


6.       Have a final Official Transcript mailed to the Registrar’s Office


7.       Complete the Core Residency Questions Form


8.       Update your personal contact information in myUTH


9.       Ensure that you have a laptop that meets the specified requirements


10.    Search for Housing


11.    Join your classmates on Facebook by liking the UTHealth School of Public Health page and the Student Association page 


12.    Remove Identity Management hold


13.    Activate official school email address (


14.    Complete Online Orientation Modules (Degree-Seeking students ONLY)


15.    Verify your Health Insurance Status


16.    Register for classes via MyUTH once all holds are removed

Next Steps


1.       Attend all mandatory sessions of orientation (see schedule overview)(Degree-Seeking 

students ONLY)


2.       Pay tuition and fees after registration


3.       Obtain UTHealth ID Badge


4.       Complete UTHealth ID Activation


5.       Complete the Library User Form


6.       Purchase your books online or in person from the bookstore

 *Can take several business days to clear

 Accept your Offer of Admissions

Ensure your place in the class by accepting your offer of admission in myUTH. Once you have chosen to enroll at UTHealth School of Public Health, be sure to complete all the required forms and return them to the appropriate offices identified below. Feel free to contact us at The Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services at 713-500-9032 or email us at with any questions you may have.  To accept your admissions offer you will need to:

  • Log-in to your myUTH account
  • Click on your student center
  • Scroll all the way down, under admissions you’ll see a hyperlink to accept or deny your admissions.

If you are having issues logging in to your my UTH to view your admissions offer, you will need to contact our IT Department at 713-486-4848 or email them at

Criminal Background Check

Please complete this step as soon as possible to avoid delays in course registration.

UTHealth requires that a criminal background screening process be completed and submitted by all new students admitted to a degree or non-degree program prior to enrollment for their first term of study at their respective campus. International students just arriving in the U.S. are exempt, and should review the webpage for details. Accepted students who do not consent to a criminal background check or who fail to provide the report as required will not be able to enroll in the UT School of Public Health. For more information, see the Criminal Background Check webpage.

Immunization Records

Please complete this step as soon as possible to avoid delays in course registration.

All students must complete the Immunization Certification procedure through myUTH as soon as possible after accepting an offer of admission.  Please click on the link, for a complete list of Immunization Requirements.  For more information on required immunizations and the process for submitting your immunization record, please review the Immunization FAQ's handout provided by Student Health Services. You should complete this process well in advance of Orientation as verification can take several weeks for approval and removal of your Immunization Hold.  An Immunization Hold will prohibit you from registering for classes.

Financial Aid/Graduate Assistance/Teaching Assistant Positions

Domestic students in need of financial assistance can obtain information at the Student Financial Aid website. International students in need of aid can search the International Education Financial Aid site. Students interested in employment and assistantships can register and search the SPH Career Services website. Newly admitted students must officially accept the offer of admission in order to gain access to the SPH Career Services Website.

I-20 Forms (International Students)

Please wait for the Office of International Affairs to contact you regarding visa processing information. The Office of International Affairs (OIA) will contact all international students directly via email once the official admission letter is processed and received by OIA. This email will provide prospective students with information for obtaining appropriate visa eligibility document including Form I-20 and detailed instructions to complete a check-in and clearance process upon arrival on campus. It is extremely important to remember that all foreign national students are required to check-in with OIA prior to beginning their academic program at SPH.

Final Transcripts

Verify that ALL of your post-secondary official transcripts showing degree completion have been received by the Registrar’s Office by checking the “To Do List” on myUTH.  If you are a currently enrolled student, send your final transcripts at the end of your last semester of enrollment. Transcripts must be received by the Registrar s Office prior to the first day of classes.

Core Residency

All students must complete the Core Residency Forms prior to Orientation. The Office of the Registrar will not accept forms via fax.

Forms must be:

  • Dropped off in-person to an Office of the Registrar staff member, or
  • Emailed as an attachment to the Office of the Registrar (, or
  • Mailed to the Office of the Registrar at:


Office of the Registrar

P.O. Box 20036

Houston, TX 77225


Update myUTH

Be sure to update your email and physical addresses if they change. Changes should be made on myUTH. If you are using a school email, example: @edu, we suggest you change it to email account that will not be lost after you leave school. We will need to contact you in the coming months regarding important information on orientation and registration.

Laptop Requirements

Students enrolling in the School of Public Health must have a personal computer available to them as a graduate student. UTSPH provides reduced software prices through the UT Bookstore for certain required software titles.  This would include the Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office, and certain statistical software products required to use during study.  For compatibility purposes, students should consider first a computer running the latest version of the Windows Operating System. Over the past couple of years, University support for Macintosh computers has become more reliable, but the most supported platform is the Windows Operating System.  All students are provided with a user account which offers access to a feature rich web-based electronic mail application, an online instruction based system in Canvas, the ability to connect personal wireless computers within the UTSPH campus, a file repository and sharing system.

Operating System

Windows 7+ (preferred), Mac OS   X 10.7 (Lion)

Web Camera

Resolution at least 640x480,   1280x720 preferred, should also include a microphone

Memory (RAM)

1GB minimum, 2GB+ preferred


Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome,   Firefox, Safari (Mac users)

Internet Speeds

Preferred: DSL and   Cable.     Dialup and ISDN services will not provide   enough bandwidth for most applications to function properly.

Antivirus Software

Microsoft Security Essentials   is recommended for Windows computers if no other software is deployed and   Sophos Antivirus for Mac users.  Both products are free to students   through the vendor websites.

Proctor Software

The latest versions of Adobe   Flash Player and Shockwave Player are required for our web-based proctoring   solution.  You can test your system’s compatibility with our proctor   solution at,

Other Software

UTSPH provides access to most   course software through a virtual computer lab environment.  This system   is called 2X. You can gain access to the software and instructions for   configuring the software on the “Students” section of the SPH IT Services website, 2X software clients are   available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Additionally, Microsoft Office is the primary application tool used by all faculty at UTSPH.  No matter your operating system, you will be most compatible with your faculty if you have Microsoft Office installed.


Information regarding UT Housing can be found online. However, since it is usually filled to capacity, you will need to consider alternative housing options. Apartment locators can assist you at no charge, or you may consider nearby housing options. For further information, see Student Life and Resources.

Join your classmates on Facebook

Like our page- “UTHealth School of Public Health"

Identity Management (IDM)

***This must be completed before course registration***

Students must present a valid government issued identification card (driver license or passport). The identification card must contain name, address, date of birth, and photo. The hold will not be removed without the proper identification. This requirement will need to be completed by an admissions representative on the campus you are planning to attend (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Brownsville, El Paso, or Austin).

If you cannot complete the Identification Verification in person at a campus, you will need to click on the link below and follow the steps to complete this requirement.

Please note: Students must forward a copy of their official ID, along with the completed notarized IDM form to our student services office in Houston, TX. Forms can be located at Identity Verification for Remote Student Forms.

These forms must be MAILED to SPH at the address below. We are not allowed to process this paperwork via an electronic message or a FAX copy, only the original forms can be used for identity verification purposes. Please mail these forms to the address listed below. Once they have been received, they will be processed quickly and you will be notified.

Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services
UTHealth School of Public Health 
Attention:  Elvis Parada
P.O. Box 20186
Houston, TX  77225

***Once IDM hold is removed from your myUTH account, it can take up to 24 hours for credentials to be activated.***

UTHealth E-mail Activation

Contact the UTHealth Help Desk (713-486-4848) for assistance in obtaining your username and password. If you are in Houston, you may also visit members of the Information Technology staff on the east side of the basement in the main UTSPH building. You should also download the Student Information Technology Handout.

Complete Online Orientation Modules via Canvas

Once your school e-mail is active, you will be manually added to the online Orientation Course via Canvas. For the SPH Orientation hold to be removed, modules must be successfully completed. Please allow 1-2 business day following completion of modules for SPH Orientation hold to be removed.

Health Insurance

State law mandates that all SPH students must have health insurance. Thus, students will be asked to verify that they have health insurance each semester as part of the course registration procedure through myUTH. Otherwise, students will be charged for health insurance in addition to tuition and fees. The Student Health Insurance for the 2015-16 academic year is $2181. Contact Auxiliary Enterprises (7779 Knights Rd. Houston, TX77054) at 713-500-8400 for more information.

Course Registration

Look at the Academic Calendar as well as the courses available on myUTH.

To register, students must sign up for classes through the myUTH website. Please note that certain courses require faculty approval.

Please note that degree seeking students must register for a minimum of 3 credit hours per semester.

Mandatory Orientation

Attendance at orientation is mandatory for all students admitted to a degree program, including students who have completed a previous degree at UT SPH. Orientation is typically held the week before classes begin. See the Orientation page for upcoming dates and details. Important enrollment and registration information will be given during that time.  Failure to attend the face-to-face orientation on the designated day, will cause for a hold to be placed on your account, preventing future course enrollment.

Tuition & Fee Payment

Pay tuition and fees either online at myUTH or at the Bursar’s Office, located at 7000 Fannin Street, University Center Tower (UCT) Room 2240. Check the Academic Calendar to view the tuition deadline dates. Registration will be cancelled for all students who have not paid by the 12th day of class.

UTHealth ID Badge

After registering for classes, pose for a picture and obtain your UTHealth ID badge in the Parking Office, 7000 Fannin Street, University Center Tower (UCT) 1st floor. IDs are available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Activate UTHealth ID

E-mail Robin Baker ( your name (as stated on myUTH), along with the letters and numbers located under the black strip on the back of your student ID Badge (XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXX).

Library User Form

SPH Library students have access to two libraries on one platform.  New and Returning SPH Students should complete the UTSPH Library Patron Registration Form    and register for Remote Access to Services at the Texas Medical Center Library.   Information about the library,  the patron registration form and instructions for access can be found on the UTHealth SPH Library website at  under  Getting Started and Other Helpful Information. 

UTHealth Bookstore

Visit a UTHealth Bookstore online or on campus. The closest location is in the School of Nursing Building.

Located on the second floor of the School of Nursing Building at the corner of Holcombe Blvd and Bertner Ave.  The bookstore sells books, software, and a variety of supplies for Nursing and Public Health students and professionals.  Open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. 

Phone: 713-500-9561      Fax: 713-500-0982



The Following documents will help you browse the catalog, search for classes, add classes and view holds and the to do list in MyUTH.

  1. Course Prefixes
  2. Hold and to Do List
  3. Searching for classes
  4. Adding classes to my schedule
  5. Review Degree Planner
  6. Navigating Learning Management Systems at UTHealth School of Public Health



All UTHealth courses are taught using the Canvas Learning Platform. Canvas is an easy-to-use, cloud-based learning management system that connects digital tools and resources for enhanced learning. It integrates with hundreds of apps, empowering faculty and students with tools for creating exceptional teaching and learning experiences.


Admitted Students Day provides an exceptional opportunity for admitted students and their families to explore UTHealth School of Public Health and all that it has to offer. RSVP is required. If you have been admitted to our program, you will receive communication about the event via e-mail. You may also contact Elvis Parada for RSVP information. We hope that you will join us.

Designated contact information: