Student Forms

Student Forms Submission

  • Save electronic forms to your desktop to complete and sign electronically.

  • After all parties sign the completed form, it should be submitted to the recipient indicated on the form.

  • Submit completed School of Public Health forms to the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services at

  • Electronic copies of approved and processed School of Public Health forms will be sent via email to the student and relevant contacts.

Note: The Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services will obtain the signature of the Director of Academic Affairs or signature lines labeled "School Official" or "School Designee".

Degree-Specific Forms

Select the tab above that represents your current degree. Most forms not found under "General Forms" are located under another tab.

General Forms

Student Record Updates


Graduate Certificates for Degree-Seeking Students (formerly Concentrations)

The Graduate Certificate Election form and completion form are located here.


Course Substitutions, Departmental Course Waivers, Independent Study Plan

Departmental Waiver Forms:



Evaluation forms for all degrees and majors are located here.


Student Research

WCE/Thesis and dissertation proposal and final submission forms along with instructions are located here.


Transfer Credits


  • Graduate-level courses taken at another institution for credit and not used towards another degree.
  • Courses taken at another UTHealth school do not require a transfer form. They do require approval as a substitute for a School of Public Health course (required or elective) through the Course Substitution form.

  • School of Public Health Degree Requirements Policy 308



Other Academic Forms

Core Residency Form

Enrollment Verification Form

Petition for Remission (Non-Resident In-State Tuition)

Non-resident students eligible to pay in-state tuition are responsible for submitting the form to the appropriate offices in a timely manner. Last minute or incomplete submissions will result in processing delays or non-approval of the form.

  • Due to the Office of the Registrar every semester and prior to the end of registration. No exceptions.
  • Part A and B must be completed prior to submission.
  • Part B is completed by School of Public Health Administrative Services (RAS W130).

Student Academic Grievance Form

Remediation - Probation Form


UTHealth Form Pages

Save electronic forms to your desktop to complete and sign electronically.

All UTHealth students are required to register their trip details with International SOS (ISOS) prior to traveling, even if no institutional funds are expended. This includes any students or student organizations that are using personal or organizational funds.

International SOS is a comprehensive, 24-hour medical and emergency response organization whose services are available at no cost while traveling on official university business or at a discounted rate for traveling companions or faculty, staff or and students traveling abroad for leisure. The information provided by the student ensures that the university, departments and the insurance agencies have adequate information should an emergency arise while out of the country.

For additional information, contact the Office of Global Health Initiatives at 713-500-3533 or e-mail