Student Forms

Student Forms - Student Forms

To use these forms, download the form to your computer and fill out as much as possible on the screen. Print the form so that signatures may be obtained. After the form is signed by all parties, it should be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs (except where it may indicate a different recipient in the form) where it will be scanned. Electronic copies will be sent via email to the student and relevant offices.

Add/Drop Audit Dates and Form - Via the Office of the Registrar. The Add/Drop form is only required after the initial add/drop period in a semester and for those students who wish to completely withdraw from their current classes. The student is required to get signatures from the instructor(s) and their Advisor before submitting the form to the Office of Student Affairs, E-201.

Change of Advisor Request

Change of Major Request- For students who wish to remain in the same degree program, but wish to change their major. A statement of goals should accompany this form. The Division Director of the proposed major/division will make the final decision on this approval.

Petition for Admission - This form is ONLY available to those students who were admitted to UTSPH prior to fall 2012 with a ‘conditional admission’ to change from a master’s level program into the matching doctoral level program. A ‘conditional admission’ should be stated in your admission letter to the master’s program. Copies of admission letters are available in student folders in the Office of Student Affairs, RAS E-201.

Your acceptance into the doctoral program through petition is not guaranteed and is subject to the following:

In order to petition to the doctoral level program, grades must be in hand when students submit the completed form and a new goal statement to the Office of Student Affairs. Therefore, petition requests should not be submitted until at least one full semester of course work has been completed. In addition, students should request that reference letters be submitted to the Office of Admissions. Typically, the student’s advisor should serve as one of the references. The student will be notified by mail following review by the Admissions Committee.

CE/Thesis/Dissertation Proposal forms

SPH ID Card Activation Form

Enrollment Verification Form

Name Change Form

Request to Elect a Concentration Form

Concentration Completion Form

Petition for Transfer of Credits

Core Residency Form

Request for Permanent-Temporary Campus Transfer

Academic Conflict Resolution Request Form

Transfer of External Credit Form

Biostatistic Course Waiver-Form

Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Course-Waiver-Form

Epidemiology, Human Genetics Sciences Course-Waiver-Form

Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences Course-Waiver-Form

Management, Policy and Community Health Course-Waiver-Form

Ethics Waiver