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School of Public Health Student Association

The University of Texas School of Public Health has an active student population who is committed to transforming public health in Texas and around the world. The are many student-based organizations that contribute to furthering student knowledge, opportunity and fellowship.

The School of Public Health Student Association is based at the Houston campus. All students are automatically a part of the organization. SPHSA holds weekly socials in cooperation with other student groups and acts as a student governmental association to relay information to school administration. Each of the school’s regional campuses has a student association as well.

There are also a number of diverse student groups committed to improving public health in their specific areas of interest.

Student InterCouncil

The Student InterCouncil (SIC) is the UTHealth student governance organization and is the recognized forum of student opinion and the primary vehicle for student participation in the governance of UTHealth. The organization is comprised of representatives from each of the six schools:

  • Dental Branch
  • Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • Medical School
  • School of Biomedical Informatics
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Public Health

and the underrepresented student representative and international student constituencies.

SPH Student Association 2015-2016

Executive Director: Emily Wei

Associate Director: Abigail Sedory

Administrative Director of Public Relations: Vacant

Deputy Director of Public Relations: Sarah Wesely

Administrative Director of Social Activities: Vacant

Deputy Director of Social Activities: Vacant

Administrative Director of Community Involvement: Brenda Cantero

Deputy Director of Community Involvement: Trisha Amboree

Administrative Director of Records: Kathy Abusager

Administrative Director of Finance: Jake Casanova

Student Concerns Representative: Vacent

Student Inter-Council Representatives:  Alokananda Ghosh, Jocelyn Triplett, and Melissa Bing

IT Council Representative: Vacant

Academic Council Rep: Vacant

Research Council Rep: Josh Fernelius

Practice Council Rep: Kathi Ackerman

School-Wide Curriculum Committee Rep: Pritul Patel

Regional Campus Liason: Vacant

New Student Liaison: Digant Shah

TMC Student Advisory Council Representative: Eboni Stafford

Administrative Advisor: Anne Baronitis

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mary Ann Smith

The Board: A Leadership & Management Student Organization

President: Jake Casanova

Vice-President: Jocelyn Triplett

Treasurer: Juan Hernandez

Secretary: Vacant

Public Relations/Professional Development Director: Mark Biscone

New Student Liaison: Vacant

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lee Revere

Student Epidemic Intelligence Society

President: Sanjana Srinivasan

Vice-President of Membership: Vibha Amblihalli

Vice-President of Outbreak Response: Vacant

Assistant Vice-President of Outbreak Response: Shwetha V. Kumar        

City of Houston Health Dept Liaison: Mojisola Popoola

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Debra Goss        

Harris County Health Dept Liaison : Nizar Bhulani     

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bob Emery

Student Society for Global Health

President: Katherine Ackerman

Vice President: Hariharan Athreya

Program Director: Nizar Bhulani

Director of Community Relations: Imory Jefferson

Treasurer: Sarah Ahmed

Secretary: Laura Witte

Director of Domestic Affairs: Melissa Bing

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Beatrice Selwyn

Human Genetics Student Society

President: Xerxes Pundole

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Vacent

Secretary: Vacant

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jan Bressler

International Student Organization (SPH ISO)

President: Rutvij Shah

Vice President: Christine Qui

Secretary: Pritul Patel

Communications Liaison: Nishat Pal Singh Dhillon

Fundraising Chair: Esosa Ukponmwan

Treasurer: Kankana Ghosh 

Activities Chair: Digant Shah

New International Student Liaison: Osemene Ojeme

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shreela Sharma

Biostatistics Student Association

President: Arup Sinha

Vice President: Wenfang Li

Treasurer: Roann Seay

Secretary: Dhiraj Gamghire

Social Activities Chair: Adriana Ordonez

Advisor: Dr. Wenyaw Chan

Public Health Students of African Descent

President: Kefin Kaba

Vice President: Sarah Hamed

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Uche Arizor

Fundraising Committee Chair: Emmanuel Achilike

Austin Regional Campus Student Association

President: Bhumit Shah

Vice-President: Loc-Uyen Voc

Treasurer: Erin Peterson

Communications Chair: Daphne Hackenberg

Community Service Chair: Lauren Van Winkle

Social Activities Chair: Allie Lodire

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bill Kohl

Brownsville Regional Campus Student Association

President: Aldo Martinez

Vice-President: Vacant

Treasurer/Secretary: Vacant

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Salinas

Student Public Health Association of Dallas

President: Sirkala Appana

Vice President: Meghan Denning

Secretary: Hannah Kaplan

Treasurer: Nausheen Habib

Social Media Chair: Vacant

International Student Representative: Vacant

Regional Campus Representative: Samantha Schaffer

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Katherine Froehlich-Grobe

Advisor: Pamela Lockhart

International Society of Pharmaeconomics and Outcomes Research Student (ISPOR)

President: Viraj Bhise

Vice-President: Rohan Parikh

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Rowan

San Antonio Regional Campus Student Association

Executive Director: Brooke Gillespie

Vice Executive Director: Gretchen Rodriquez

Financial Director: Taylor Mackay

Events and Volunteer Coordinator: Michelle Garcia

UTHSCA Liaison: Armia Zaki

UTHSC Houston Liaison: Sonal Sathe

Advisors: Belinda Flores Hernandez & Kristine Walker Whitworth

The Society for Nonprofit Leadership Development

President: Nizar Bhulani

Vice-President: Shehzad Mansoor

Secretary: Christine Varghese

Treasurer: Shady Al-Sayyed

Advisor: Dr. Rigoberto Delgado

outREACH (Research, Education and Community Health)

External Chair: Dennis Li

Internal Chair: Caitlin Neal

Publicity Chair: Vanessa Cox

Financial Chair: Hannah Pervin

Records Chair: Laura Witte

Staff Advisor: Kim Cook

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vanessa Schick

Society for Women and Leadership

President: Angelique Harding

Vice President: Kaila Fagerstorm

Secretary: Elizabeth Leass

Treasurer: Amy Wieczorek

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Catherine Troisi