The Board

The Board: a Leadership and Management Student Organization



Empowering students with the knowledge and practice to excel as tomorrow’s health leaders.

Current Officers

Will Duhe - President
Roald Menodiado - Vice President
Adam Tapper - Treasurer
Jessica Baldwin - Professional Development
Swathi Balaji - Secretary/Curricula Liaison
Deborah Boone, Sydney Carter - Social Directors/New Student Liaisons

Faculty Advisor: Lee Revere, Ph.D., M.H.A., Associate Professor and Program Director, Healthcare Management

General questions

Please contact us at or follow The Board on LinkedIn.


The Board’s mission conveys the pillars upon which it was founded:  Professional, Academic and Mentorship. These pillars serve as the driving force behind what we as an organization provide to our members. The following is a brief summary of each pillar:


We seek to provide activities that will assist in transforming motivated graduate students into successful professionals. Various career development workshops teach students valuable lessons regarding the job placement process. Ultimately, our goal is to create an alumni network of connections to be able to give our members a head start in their respective job searches upon graduating.


We seek to provide activities that equip students with the requisite knowledge to be successful during their academic careers. Through our student liaison, we provide a resource to help students in school-related areas such as course selection and determining professor preference. 


We seek to provide activities that encourage students to forge relationships. It’s essential to recognize networking as a critical component of career advancement Our networking social is a unique event that gives students the platform to open dialogues with successful professionals in our field. Furthermore, our student socials, hosted at local bars in the Houston area, gives students a chance to meet new people, engage their peers and take a break from the rigors of life as a graduate student.