Nadia Ahmed

Ahmed Nadia

My name is Nadia Ahmed and I am currently pursuing an MPH in Health Promotion and Health Education at the Houston campus. I am a dentist from India, born and raised in the city of Hyderabad which is extremely popular for its culture and food. The most sought-after main course of Indian cuisine "Biryani" has taken its origin from Hyderabad. I recommend it should be included in your 'must try dishes' list. What I like most about myself is the fact that I am blessed to be a mother of an overly enthusiastic and vibrant girl who means the world to me and I love going back home to see her beam with excitement when she finds me home.

UTHealth can be best described as 'one stop and all destinations reached' as it has all health groups under one banner. Gaining experience by reaching out to the community and acquiring knowledge at UTHealth would definitely enable me to become an efficient professional. The best part of the University of Texas is its diverse student and faculty body, the acceptance that every student receives apart from the academic assistance provided by the faculty. I look forward to making the years spent at the university memorable and vital for me to advance as an individual and also as a health professional.