Center for Healthcare Data

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“The Center for Healthcare Data houses several large datasets that cover health care utilization for over 65% of the Texas population. Data are made available for approved research studies designed to enhance and expand the body of knowledge regarding utilization of health care services, quality, costs, payment systems, and policy reform.

Within the center, researchers work to foster research and inform the public, academia, and other constituents about health care costs and utilization with the goal of contributing to the discussion on improving efficiency and controlling health care costs in Texas.

Additionally, the Center for Health Care Research Data provides consultative and analytical services to the state of Texas, and has certification as a CMS Qualified Entity. Read more about CMS Qualified Entities here.

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The Center for Health Care Data has obtained a variety of Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare claims and Electronic Medical Records data sets.


Systems are protected by a comprehensive IT Security Program that includes physical and virtual firewalls, network segmentation, data loss prevention monitoring, next generation anti-virus/anti-malware products, active security scanning for OS vulnerabilities, and centralized event logging and monitoring.

All data are stored on the University designated servers, located within a secure university setting and are properly monitored and maintained by qualified university IT personnel. Support services include the University Information Technology Department which maintains the servers and the computers and the University faculty members who provide guidance on data use, interpretation, and application.

Access is limited only to authorized users.

How to Apply

Our policies for accessing the data include the following:

  1. Inform the Center for Healthcare Data at about your interest in order to find out about the feasibility of your project and possible project overlap before starting to work on a proposal.
  2. Letter of interest: Submit a one page letter of interest with a statement of the research question and why the data is needed.
  3. Application: Once the letter of interest is approved, complete the application below (see application instructions).
  4. Once the application is approved, submit the signed confidentiality agreement (DUA) and the project IRB approval for all involved in the project.
  5. Medicare and Medicaid requests will need to fill a form (please request) which will be submitted to the HHSC. Approval from HHSC is required to gain data access.

Contact us

The Center for Health Care Research Data is located at the UTHealth School of Public Health at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas. To contact someone with the center, please email

Trudy M. Krause, DrPH, MBA, CPHQ
Associate Professor

Cecilia Ganduglia Cazaban, MD, DrPH, MPH
Assistant Professor