10th Annual Diversity Fair

Diversity Fair is one of the most popular events at the UTHealth School of Public Health, encouraging and supporting diversity among all students, staff and faculty. We have booths, performances and delicious food from all parts of the world. You can see photo's from last year's event here.

There are lots of ways to participate in this year's Diversity Fair–everyone is welcome! 

Every year, attendees look forward to seeing people's stories and culture come to life on the stage. You can sing, play music, dance, act, or simply share your experiences. Use this Google sheet to register as a performer.

For questions about performances, please contact Cassandra Enzler (Cassandra.J.Enzler@uth.tmc.edu) or Brynn Harris (Brynn.Harris@uth.tmc.edu). 

We also have the opportunity for student groups to set up booths, where attendees can visit and gain a deeper understanding of the diversity around them. Use this Google sheet to sign up for your own booth. 

For questions about booths, please contact Olga Yatsenko (Olga.Yatsenko@uth.tmc.edu), Travis Teague (Travis.A.Teague@uth.tmc.edu), or Ifeoluwa Osundare (Ifeoluwa.R.Osundare@uth.tmc.edu). 

Whether you plan to perform, man a booth or simply attend, please make sure to RSVP here in advance. 

For questions about Diversity Fair, please contact Sayali Tungare (Sayali.sunil.tungare@uth.tmc.edu) or Elizabeth Leass (Elizabeth.A.Leass@uth.tmc.edu).