Department Directory

General Information

Mailing Address:

The University of Texas School of Public Health
P.O. Box 20186
Houston, TX 77225
Enrollment information:
Main number: 713-500-9000
Street Address:
The University of Texas School of Public Health
1200 Pressler Street
Houston, TX 77030

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See below for addresses and contact information for the Regional Campuses

Administrative Offices

Office of the Dean
Name Position Phone Office
Roberta B. Ness, MD, MPH Dean 713-500-9052 RAS W-114A
Osama Mikhail, Ph.D. Executive Vice Dean 713-500-9053 RAS W-118A
Bonnie Schoenbein Executive Services Administrator 713-500-9041 RAS W-114
Nicole Yogi Interim Director of Development 713-500-3213 UCT 1200
Anissa Anderson Orr Interim Sr. Communications Specialist 713-500-9019 RAS W-130L
Brittany Kusay Development Specialist 713-500-9018 RAS W-130C
FAX 713-500-9020


Name Position Phone Office
Main Number 713-500-9121 RAS E-125
Helena VonVille Director, Library Services 713-500-9131 RAS E-119
Amy Taylor Public Health Librarian 713-500-9129 RAS E-123
Elaine Wilson Administrative Coordinator 713-500-9128 RAS E-117
FAX 713-500-9125

Office of Academic Affairs

Name Position Phone Office
L. Kay Bartholomew, EdD Assoc. Dean, Academic Affairs 713-500-9080 RAS W-238
Sylvia Salas, MPH Director, Academic Affairs 713-500-9070 RAS W-224
Nesh Aqrawi Program Manager 713-500-9071 RAS W-230
Peggy Powell Educational Programs Coordinator 713-500-9230 RAS W-242
Sam Neher Administrative Coordinator 713-500-9265 RAS W-230
Susan C. Garcia Sr. Staff Assistant 713-500-9072  RAS W-202
FAX 713-500-9149

Office of Student Affairs

Name Position Phone Office
Main Number 713-500-9032 RAS E-201
Mary Ann Smith, PhD Assoc. Dean, Student Affairs 713-500-9236 RAS W-214
Anne Baronitis Director, Student Affairs 713-500-9030 RAS E-215
Tiaresa Carter Manager of Admissions 713-500-9035 RAS E-209
Silvia Santiago Administrative Assistant III 713-500-9025 RAS E-231
FAX 713-500-9068

Office of Management

Name Position Phone Office
Debra Ryan, MEd Assoc. Dean, Management 713-500-9046 RAS W-114B
Sherri Curry Senior Administrative Coordinator 713-500-9420 RAS W-130G
FAX 713-500-9020
Accounting Services
Mary Pastore Director, Management Operations 713-500-9045 RAS W-122
FAX 713-500-9020
Administrative Services
Sandra Fisbeck Director, Administrative Services 713-500-9038 RAS W-124
FAX 713-500-9020
Facilities Support Services
Robin Baker Manager of Facilities Support Services 713-500-9042 RAS W-218
FAX 713-500-9149
Educational Media Resources
Henry Fung Director, Ed. Media Resources 713-500-9069 RAS B-04
FAX 713-500-9020

Office of Public Health Practice

Name Position Phone Office
Linda Lloyd, PhD, MBA, MSW Assoc. Dean, Public Health Practice 713-500-9163 RAS E-927
Brenda Brown Educational Programs Coordinator II 713-500-9160 RAS E-903A
FAX 713-500-9493

Office of Research

Name Position Phone Office
Laura Mitchell, PhD Associate Dean, Research 713-500-9954 RAS E-547
Peggy Weinshilboum Research Coordinator I 713-500-9310 RAS W-212
Pat Perez Administrative Coord/Pre-award Database 713-500-9064 RAS W-206
Rebecca Novak Research Coordinator/Student Research 713-500-9055 RAS W-210
FAX 713-500-9068 RAS E-217

Office of Information Technology

Name Position Phone Office
Derek Drawhorn Asst. Dean, Information Technology 713-500-9533 RAS E-37
Chris Harvey Manager, Communications Network 713-500-9544 RAS E-23
Aaron Wagner Director, Applications Development 713-500-9534 RAS E-49
FAX 713-500-9530

Regional Campuses


Guadalupe Location:
1616 Guadalupe, Suite 6.300
Austin, TX 78701
Map Location
Austin Oaks Location:
              Austin Oaks, Medina Building
              3445 Executive Center Drive, Suite 150
Austin, TX 78731
Name Position Phone Office
Cheryl Perry, PhD Regional Dean 512-391-2536 Austin
Courtney Dezendorf Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 512-391-2505 Austin
Kimberly White Executive Assistant 512-391-2501 Austin
FAX 512-494-0400


Campus Address
UTSPH 80 Fort Brown
Brownsville, Texas 78520
Map Location
Name Position Phone Office
Joseph McCormick, MD Regional Dean 956-882-5166 Brownsville
Christina Villarreal Administrative Services Officer I 956-882-6677 Brownsville
Coordinator, Admissions and Alumni Affairs 956-882-6745 Brownsville
Maria Rodriguez Administrative Coordinator 956-882-5165 Brownsville
FAX 956-882-5152


Campus Address
6011 Harry Hines Blvd., V8.110
Dallas, TX 75390
Map Location
Name Position Phone Office
Raul Caetano, MD, PhD Regional Dean 214-648-1080 Dallas
Pamela Lockhart Administrative Assistant III 214-648-1080 Dallas
Connie Carter Senior Support Specialist 214-648-1082 Dallas
FAX 214-648-1081

El Paso

Campus Address
1101 N. Campbell, CH 400
El Paso, Texas 79902
Map Location
Name Position Phone Office
Hector Balcazar, PhD Regional Dean 915-747-8500 El Paso
Maribel Alomari Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 915-747-8501 El Paso
Mark Shaw Staff Assistant 915-747-8502 El Paso
FAX 915-747-8512

San Antonio

Campus Address
Street Address:
7411 John Smith Drive, Suite 1100
San Antonio, Texas 78229
Map Location
Name Position Phone Office
Sharon Cooper, PhD Regional Dean 210-276-9008 San Antonio
Elva Apodaca Administrative Assistant III 210-276-9003
Gerardo Pacheco Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 210-276-9015
FAX 210-276-9028
San Antonio


Name Position Phone Office
Barbara Tilley, PhD Division Director 713-500-9524 RAS E-833
Michelle Yao Administrative Services Officer I 713-500-9505 RAS E-835
Heather See Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 713-500-9521 RAS E-902
FAX 713-500-9530
Epidemiology, Human Genetics & Environmental Sciences
Eric Boerwinkle, PhD Division Director 713-500-9800 RAS E-447
Tressie Wallace Jackson Administrative Services Officer III 713-500-9803 RAS E-403
Peggy Coleman Administrative Assistant I 713-500-9360 RAS E-621
FAX 713-500-9264
Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences
Sally Vernon, PhD Division Director 713-500-9760 UCT 2560
Mary Brown Administrative Assistant III 713-500-9987 UCT 2572
Kimberly Stein Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 713-500-9985 UCT 2574
FAX 713-500-9750
Management, Policy & Community Health
Louisa Franzini, PhD Division Director 713-500-9179 RAS E-933
Maria Saenz Administrative Services Officer I 713-500-9485 RAS E-935
Leticia Valles Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 713-500-9196 RAS E-311
FAX 713-500-9493


Center for Emergency Research
Name Position Phone Office
Linda Lloyd, PhD, MBA, MSW Director 713-500-9163 RAS W-118
FAX 713-500-9020
Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research
Susan Tortolero, PhD Director 713-500-9634 UCT 2080
Sue Sifford Associate Director, Admin 713-500-9617 UCT 2062
Linda Barr Senior Executive Assistant 713-500-9623 UCT 2082
FAX 713-500-9602
UT Prevention Research Center
Susan Tortolero, PhD Director 713-500-9634 UCT 2080
Linda Barr Senior Executive Assistant 713-500-9623 UCT 2082
FAX 713-500-9602
Center for Health Services Research
Charles Begley, PhD Co-Director 713-500-9179 RAS E-317
David Lairson, PhD Co-Director 713-500-9176 RAS E-307
FAX 713-500-9171
Center for Infectious Diseases
Herbert DuPont, MD Director 713-500-9366 RAS E-729
Carolyn Wade Administrative Services Officer I 713-500-9350 RAS E-727
Sheri Allred Administrative Assistant III 713-500-9352 RAS E-733
FAX 713-500-9364
Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials
Main Number 713-500-9500 RAS E-802
Barry Davis MD, PhD Director 713-500-9518 RAS E-815
Larry Cormier Director of Mgmt. Operations 713-500-9522 RAS E-823
Staci Garner Administrative Assistant I 713-500-9506 RAS E-825
FAX 713-500-9530
George McMillan Fleming Center for Healthcare Management
Osama Mikhail, PhD Director 713-500-3047 RAS E-315
Maria Saenz Administrative Services Officer I 713-500-9485 RAS E-935
FAX 713-500-9493
Hispanic Health Disparities Research Center
Hector Balcazar, PhD Director 915-747-8500 El Paso
FAX 915-747-8512
Hispanic Health Research Center in the Lower Rio Grande Valley
Joseph McCormick, MD Director 956-882-5166 Brownsville
FAX 956-882-5152
Human Genetics Center
Eric Boerwinkle, PhD Director 713-500-9800 RAS E-447
Camille Breaux Executive Assistant 713-500-9914 RAS E-451
FAX 713-500-0900
Institute for Health Policy
Stephen Linder, PhD Interim Director 713-500-9494 RAS E-1023
Patty Poole Executive Assistant 713-500-9318 RAS E-1025
FAX 713-500-9493
Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living
Deanna Hoelscher, PhD Director 512-391-2510 Austin
Harold Flenoy II Administrative Assistant II 512-391-2515 Austin
FAX 512-494-0400
Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
Elaine Symanski, PhD Director 713-500-9238 RAS W-1028
Annette Allett Sr. Grants and Contracts Specialist 713-500-9421 RAS W-1024
FAX 713-500-9442