Administration Directory

Mailing Address:

UTHealth School of Public Health
P.O. Box 20186
Houston, TX 77225

Enrollment information: 
Enrollment/Student Services: 713-500-9032
Administration: 713-500-9050
Physical Address:
UTHealth School of Public Health
1200 Pressler Street
Houston, TX 77030

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See below for addresses and contact information for the Regional Campuses

Office of the Dean

Eric Boerwinkle, Ph.D. Dean 713-500-9041 RAS W-114A
Bonnie Schoenbein Executive Services Administrator 713-500-9041 RAS W-130J
Camille Breaux Program Manager 713-500-9914 RAS W-130G
FAX   713-500-9020

Academic and Research Affairs

Susan Emery, Ph.D. Senior Associate Dean 713-500-9091 RAS W-118A
Deidra Haass Senior Executive Assistant 713-500-9079 RAS W-130I
FAX   713-500-9020

Assistant Dean of Students

Mary Ann Smith, Ph.D. Assistant Dean 713-500-9236

RAS E-214


Library Services

Main Number 713-500-9121 RAS E-109
Lionel Santibanez Manager, Library and Writing Support Services 713-500-9093 RAS E-129
FAX   713-500-9125

Academic Affairs and Student Services


Nesh Aqrawi

Director, Academic Affairs 713-500-9071
RAS W-211

Elvis Parada

Assistant Director, Admissions and
Student Services
713-500-9028 RAS E-219

Peggy Powell

Manager,  Educational Technology   713-500-9230 RAS W-243

Melanie House

Senior Administrative Coordinator  713-500-9092
RAS E-221
FAX 713-500-9068

Office of Management

Debra Ryan, MEd Associate Dean 713-500-9046 RAS W-114B
Lisa Morrow Senior Administrative Assistant  713-500-9050 RAS W-130A

Research Services

Lashawda Martin Assistant Director 713-500-9607 RAS W-234
Pat Salas Administrative Coordinator  713-500-9064 RAS W-236
FAX  FAX 713-500-9068 RAS E-217

Information Technology

Madhavkrishna Sankhavaram   Executive Director 713-500-9086 RAS E-63
Tandra Pluet Senior Administrative Coordinator  713-500-9418 RAS E-61

Accounting Services

Mary Pastore   Director, Management Operations 713-500-9045 RAS W-118

Personnel Services

JT Rayburn  Director, Administrative Services 713-500-9038 RAS W-118B

Education Media Resources

Henry Fung  Director/Manager Graphic Services 713-500-9069 RAS B-04

Facilities Support Services

Robin Baker  Director, Management Services 713-500-9042 RAS W-126


Rachel Atterstrom Supervisor, Creative Services 713-500-9040 RAS E-217


Guadalupe Locations:
1616 Guadalupe, Suite 6.300
Austin, TX 78701
Map Location

1705 Guadalupe, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78701
Moody (Wells Fargo) Location:
Wells Fargo Building 
400 West 15th Street
Austin, TX 78701
Deanna Hoelscher, PhD Regional Dean 512-391-2510 Austin
Harold E. Flenoy II Senior Administrative Manager 512-391-2515 Austin
Tosa Nixon Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 512-391-2503 Austin
Jayme Wood Senior Executive Assistant 512-391-2501 Austin
FAX 512-482-6185


Campus Address:
UTSPH 80 Fort Brown RAHC-N.200
Brownsville, Texas 78520
Map Location
Belinda Reininger, DrPH Regional Dean 956-755-0654 Brownsville
Christina Villarreal Senior Administrative Manager 956-755-0637 Brownsville
Jeanette Broshears Coordinator, Admissions and Alumni Affairs 956-755-0678 Brownsville
Maria Elena Rodriguez Administrative Coordinator 956-755-0601 Brownsville
FAX 956-755-0606


Campus Address:
6011 Harry Hines Blvd., V8.110
Dallas, TX 75390
Map Location
Bijal Balasubramanian, PhD Regional Dean 972-546-2924 Dallas
Vincy Susan George Administrative Manager  972-546-2927 Dallas
Connie Carter Senior Support Assistant 972-546-2930 Dallas
FAX 214-819-3057

El Paso

Campus Address:
1851 Wiggins Way, HSN 367
El Paso, TX 79968
Map Location
Kristina Mena, PhD Interim Regional Dean 915-747-8514 El Paso
Maribel Alomari Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 915-747-8501 El Paso
Mark Shaw Support Assistant 915-747-8502 El Paso
FAX 915-747-8512

San Antonio

Campus Address:
7411 John Smith Drive, Suite 1100
San Antonio, Texas 78229
Map Location
Melissa A. Valerio, PhD Regional Dean 210-276-9017 San Antonio
Elva Apodaca Administrative Manager 210-276-9003 San Antonio
Joshua Tyson Academic and Admissions Advisor 210-276-9015 San Antonio
FAX 210-276-9028 San Antonio

Biostatistics and Data Science
Hulin Wu, PhD Department Chair 713-500-9586 RAS E-833
Marice Barahona Administrative Manager 713-500-9440 RAS E-835
Emmanuel Moon Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 713-500-9564 RAS E-801
FAX 713-500-9530
Epidemiology, Human Genetics & Environmental Sciences
Alanna Morrison, PhD Department Chair 713-500-9913 RAS E-447
Tressie Wallace Jackson Senior Administrative Manager 713-500-9803 RAS E-403
JR Bright Academic and Admissions Advisor II 713-500-9361 RAS W-632
FAX 713-500-0900
Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences
Sally Vernon, PhD Department Chair 713-500-9760 UCT 2560
Mary Brown Senior Administrative Coordinator 713-500-9987 UCT 2558
Claire Strickland Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 713-500-9985 UCT 2574
FAX 713-500-9750
Management, Policy & Community Health
Robert O. Morgan, PhD Department Chair 713-500-9187 RAS E-923
Maria Saenz Senior Administrative Manager 713-500-9485 RAS E-935
Leticia Valles Coordinator, Admissions & Alumni Affairs 713-500-9196 RAS W-302
FAX 713-500-9493

Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research
Maria Fernandez, PhD Director 713-500-9626 UCT 2572
Lashawda Martin  Senior Administrative Manager 713-500-9607 UCT 2062
Jo Spears Senior Executive Assistant 713-500-9603 UCT 2082
FAX 713-500-9602
Center for Health Services Research
Charles Begley, PhD Co-Director 713-500-9179 RAS E-317
David Lairson, PhD Co-Director 713-500-9176 RAS E-307
FAX 713-500-9171
Center for Infectious Diseases
Cesar Arias, MD Director 713-500-9351 RAS E-729
Carolyn Wade Administrative Manager 713-500-9350 RAS E-727
Consuelo Kleeman Senior Administrative Coordinator 713-500-9358 RAS E-733
FAX 713-500-9364
Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials
Main Number 713-500-9500 RAS E-802
Barry Davis, MD, PhD Director 713-500-9515 RAS W-916
Larry Cormier Director of Management Operations 713-500-9522 RAS E-823
Staci Hinojosa Administrative Coordinator 713-500-9506 RAS E-825
FAX 713-500-9530
George McMillan Fleming Center for Healthcare Management
Lee Revere, PhD Director 713-500-3047 RAS E-315
Maria Saenz Senior Administrative Manager 713-500-9485 RAS E-935
FAX 713-500-9493
Hispanic Health Research Center in the Lower Rio Grande Valley
Joseph McCormick, MD Director 956-882-5166 Brownsville
FAX 956-882-5152
Human Genetics Center
Alanna Morrison, PhD Director 713-500-9913 RAS E-447
Regina Fisher Executive Assistant 713-500-9182 RAS E-451
FAX 713-500-0900
Institute for Health Policy
Stephen Linder, PhD Director 713-500-9494 RAS E-1023
Patty Poole Senior Administrative Coordinator 713-500-9318 RAS E-1021
FAX 713-500-9493
Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living
Deanna Hoelscher, PhD Director 512-391-2510 Austin
Harold Flenoy II Senioar Administrative Manager 512-391-2515 Austin
FAX 512-494-0400
Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health
Elaine Symanski, PhD Director 713-500-9238 RAS W-1030
Annette Allett Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist 713-500-9421 RAS W-1028
FAX 713-500-9442