Educational Development


The Educational Development Office (EDO) is responsible for facilitating and supporting teaching and learning excellence and related activities at the University of Texas School of Public Health. This responsibility includes courses delivered by face-to-face instruction as well as courses delivered by electronic means either through ITV or online.

The EDO works with the academic divisions, faculty and regional campuses, and the administrative units to coordinate course and program delivery, student support services, and to provide faculty professional development opportunities. We also work with the academic divisions to develop and implement programs for quality teaching and active student learning and engagement.

Core Areas

  • Educational Technology Development and Support Services
  • Educational Improvement and Assessment
  • Faculty Professional Enhancement Opportunities
  • Classroom Educational Support Services

Services Offered

Through these services EDO supports opportunities for developing and applying different approaches to teaching, using media and information technologies, and experimenting with curricula to create the best possible instructional environment. The EDO is home to a suite of programs and support services dedicated to providing teaching and learning resources to the School of Public Health. Core support service areas of the Educational Development Office include:

  • Educational Design Strategies for both face to face and online instruction
  • Educational Technology Development and Consultation
  • Multimedia Development Training
  • Online Course Construction
  • Blackboard LMS Training
  • Faculty Professional Development in Educational Improvement
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Classroom/Educational Practices
  • Classroom Educational Support Services

Contact Us

L. Kay Bartholomew, EdD
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Training Support

Educational Technology Manager 
Peggy Powell, BS

Educational Programs Coordinator 
Manuel Soto

Graduate Assistant
Rafeek Yusuf


The Educational Development Office offers course ware tools training, workshops on Web and multimedia topics, custom instruction for the classroom, and links to a variety of training resources.


Blackboard is the school’s Course Management System (CMS) which allows easy access to online courses.

1.1. Working in the Course Environment

Starting with your course environment:       Watch it!          Read it!

Selecting the course entry point:       Watch it!

Changing the course name:     Watch it!

Making a course available to students:     Watch it!      Read it!

Turning tools available on/off:     Watch it!

Adding a TA/an instructor and Enrolling a student:     Watch it!

Adding a user to a blackboard course:    Read it!

Changing user roles; Changing the role of the student:  Read it!

Checking internet explorer browser for compatible view:    Read it!

Creating an avatar:    Watch it!

Checking the roster:    Watch it!

Creating a course banner:   Watch it!

Using the text editor:    Watch it!

Changing items from student menu:   Watch it!

Merge ITV Sections:     Watch it! Read it!

Edit the Home page:    Watch it!

Running the class coverage report:     Watch it!

Turn on statistics tracking for a content item:      Watch it!

1.2. Building a course content

Starting with the course content:      Watch it!         Read it!

Using the text editor:     Watch it!

Making an announcement:      Watch it!

Sending an email:     Watch it!

Sending a message:    Watch it!

Creating a tool link:    Watch it!

Creating a course task:       Watch it!

Adding/Uploading content and materials to a course:   Watch it!

Copying materials into a course:   Watch it! Read it!

Adding faculty information:      Watch it!

Adding content to a learning module:     Watch it!

Creating multiple rules to release a content item:     Watch it!

Achiving a course:      Watch it! 

Importing a course package:     Watch it!

1.3. Creating Assignments and Tests

Learn to create and manage effectively various forms of tests, assignments and other assessments on Blackboard. Learn to use adaptive release, usage tracking and other special testing features.

Creating an assignment:    Read it!

Using SafeAssign to check students’ submissions:     Watch it!         Read it!

Creating a test:  Watch it!     Read it!

How to Copy Tests:  Read it!

Setting options for a test:          Watch it!

Exporting and Importing a test or a survey:         Watch it!

Uploading test questions from an Excel file:           Watch it!

Creating a short answer question:            Watch it!

Creating a fill in a blank question:             Watch it!

Creating a true/false question:             Watch it!

Creating a matching question:         Watch it!

Creating a calculated formula question:        Watch it!

Creating a calculated numeric question:            Watch it!

Creating an essay question:             Watch it!

Creating a multiple choice question:         Watch it!

1.4. Working with Grade center

Navigating to the grade center:      Read it!

Creating a grade rule:            Watch it!

Viewing grade details:           Watch it!

Anonymous grading:           Watch it!

Creating grading notes:            Watch it!

Downloading student’s assignment from the Grading center:      Watch it!

Creating a grade center report:       Watch it!

Color code for the Grade center:       Watch it!

Viewing and downloading grade history:       Watch it!

1.5. Discussion, Group, Wiki & Blog:

Learn to foster active learning community in your course and improve student to student interaction using this online tool.

Creating a discussion board forum:     Watch it!

Creating a discussion board thread:      Watch it!

Grading a discussion board forum:     Watch it!

Grading a discussion board thread:      Watch it!

Rating a discussion board thread:      Watch it!

Creating a group:       Watch it!           Read it!

Creating group sets:       Watch it!

Creating a wiki:     Watch it!

Editing a wiki page:       Watch it!

Viewing a wiki page history:      Watch it!

Grading a wiki:      Watch it!

Linking wiki pages:      Watch it!

Creating a blog:     Watch it!

Editing a blog entry:      Watch it!


2. CAMTASIA RELAY TRAINING:            Watch it!        Read it!

Learn the basic of effective presentation design and to use Camtasia Relay to create voice-over. Camtasia Relay will allow you to record your lectures or presentation. It will be helpful to create materials for online courses.      

3. ADOBE TRAINING:        Watch it!       Read it!

Learn to use this powerful tool to hold real-time and pre-recorded online meetings and seminars.    




The Educational Development Office offers course ware tools training, workshops on Web and multimedia topics, custom instruction for the classroom, and links to a variety of training resources.

1. Canvas Trainings

Canvas is the school's Learning Management System (LMS) which allows access to online courses.
Canvas Student Orientation Course:     Watch It!
Canvas Quick Start Guide:     Watch It!

1.1 Working in Canvas

Getting to know Canvas:     Watch It! 

Course layout customization:     Watch It!

Notification preferences:     Watch It! 

Calendar overview:    Watch It! 

Course analytics:       Watch It!  

Settings and Profile Picture:     Watch It!

Account settings:    Watch It! 

People overview:    Watch It! 

Course settings:     Watch It! 

1.2 Building a Course in Canvas

Course import tool:     Watch It! 

Files: Add course content:     Watch It!

Syllabus Overview:     Watch It!

Modules: Creation and management:     Watch It!

Pages: Creation and management:     Watch It!

Announcements overview:     Watch It!

Collaborations overview:     Watch It!

1.3 Gradebook and Communications

Gradebook overview:     Watch It!

Speedgrader:     Watch It!

Communication overview:     Watch It!

Conversations overview:     Watch It!

Chat overview:     Watch It!

Conferences overview:     Watch It!

1.4 Discussions and Groups

Discussions overview:    Watch It!

Discussion creation:      Watch It!

Groups: Creation and management:     Watch It!

1.5 Assignments and Quizzes

Assignment overview:     Watch It!

Assignment creation:      Watch It!

Quiz creation settings:    Watch It!

Quiz creation questions:  Watch It!

Turnitin overview:     Watch It! 

Turnitin QuickStart guide:     Read It!