Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology

Technology is a vital part of the classroom experience at the School of Public Health. Distance education allows students to participate in courses that may not be available at their home campus, and also provides opportunities for collaboration with other universities around the state. For example, the School of Public Health has joined with the University of Texas at Austin, as well as Texas A&M University, in jointly teaching classes via video. Videoconferencing also allows our faculty and administrators to collaborate regularly on research, policy, and organization.

The School of Public Health offers a variety of technologies available for classroom and conference room use. All classrooms and conference rooms are capable of being outfitted with LCD/computer projection systems as well as Web-based videoconferencing. Several of the classrooms at the School of Public Health are equipped with interactive SmartBoard technology.  Personal training sessions for any of these technologies can be arranged during normal business hours.

The following is a list of rooms and their equipment:

SmartBoard/Sympodium Rooms

W208, W216, W228, E325, E527, E605, E635

The touch-sensitive displays in these classrooms connect to the computer and projector to allow you to directly manipulate the computer’s desktop.  Engage your audience by using the pen display to operate the computer, interact with your digital content, and write notes directly on the screen, that everyone can see.  You can save all your work into the Smart Notebook software, where you can build upon course material to use it again.

Lectern Rooms

Auditorium (101), 102A, E305, E505

These rooms contain a standard PC/projector configuration. They also include an Elmo document camera for displaying overhead slides and printed material.

ITV Rooms

Auditorium(101), 102A, 102B, E705, E725

Interactive Television (ITV) is a technology that enables traditional teaching methodologies to bring together students and faculty in multiple classrooms at our campuses across the state.

Tech Lab


This classroom combines both distance learning capabilities (ITV) with twenty computer terminals, for hands-on activities.