Frequently Asked Questions

How is the UT School of Public Health related to the UT Health Science Center at Houston?It is one of six schools that comprise the Health Science Center at Houston. The School falls under the administrative auspices of the Health Science Center.

Why are donations needed? Isn't the school funded by the State of Texas?While the School does receive funding from the State of Texas, this support does not cover the entire school budget. Tuition and state appropriations cover approximately 30 percent of the yearly expenses. Research grants and philanthropic gifts help us close the gap between state funds and achieving our goals.

What are some of the School's most urgent needs?Over the next few years, an emphasis will be placed on excellence in teaching and research. This means that attracting and retaining stellar faculty and students will be a high priority. Endowed faculty positions can be the deciding factor in our ability to successfully compete with other highly-ranked public and private universities for outstanding faculty. Scholarships provide financial assistance to ensure that the brightest students have access to quality graduate education, preparing them to be the future leaders in public health. Innovative research is vital to faculty, students and the advancement of health practices and policy. Private gifts provide the funding necessary for the initial research stages before federal grant application is feasible or when federal dollars are not available.

Can I designate how my gift will be used?Absolutely. There are many ways that you may do this through an annual fund gift, an endowment gift, program support or research funds. Please contact Erin Meade 713-500-9059 to discuss how you wish to partner with us to improve public health.

What does it cost to establish an endowment?An endowment is a named gift in which the principal or corpus is invested by the University of Texas Investment Management Company ( and not expended. The income distribution is used annually to provide funds for the purpose designated by the donor. Permanent endowments may be established at a minimum funding level of $25,000.

The minimum funding levels established by the University of Texas System are:

Distinguished University Chair $2,000,000
Distinguished Chair $1,000,000
Chair - $500,000
Distinguished Professorship - $250,000
Professorship - $100,000
Fellowship - $50,000
Scholarship - $25,000