HEADS UP raises test scores and interest in science!
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HEADS UP excites students about science and health science careers!

Multimedia science materials provide middle and high school teachers across Texas and beyond with cutting-edge health science content to enhance curricula. Presented in a video format with student role models, researchers, other field experts, and eye-catching images, content is reinforced with classroom activities and assessment tools. A variety of science-related careers are highlighted with short video biographies of scientists and other professionals.

Materials are designed by teachers with field and science experts and aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and National Science Education Standards.

Modules are produced through a collaboration of The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and numerous partners.

Titles include:

  • Genes, Health and You
  • Diabetes / Cardiovascular Disease
  • Nutrition / Physical Activity NEW VIDEOS NOW ONLINE!
  • The Nervous System
  • Advanced Genetics Winner of a 2006 Accolade Award of Excellence FREE MATERIALS NOW ONLINE!
  • The Immune System and Infectious Diseases Winner of a 2008 Accolade Award of Merit
  • Clinical Research Trials FREE MATERIALS NOW ONLINE!

Updates:Already implementing HEADS UP?
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Other project components include:

CATCH Middle School

catch logo1 HomeAs mandated by the Texas Legislature, all middle schools in Texas are required to implement a coordinated school health program. One of three programs approved by the Texas Education Agency is CATCH Middle School — a program designed to promote physical activity and healthy food choices by targeting multiple aspects of the school environment and involving classroom teachers, school food service staff, physical education (PE) teachers, families, and the broader school community in a range of health promoting activities. HEADS UP Nutrition/Physical Activity and Diabetes/Cardiovascular Disease are the featured classroom materials of CATCH Middle School.