2019 Dolan-Mullen Family Endowment Scholarship Recipient

Sierra Castedo de Martell Receives the 2019 Dolan-Mullen Family Endowed Scholarship

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Austin doctoral student Sierra Castedo de Martell is the recipient of this year's Dolan-Mullen Family Endowed Scholarship in Health Education-Health Promotion for her leadership in various recovery programs.

“This will allow Sierra to further expand her interests in substance use disorder recovery as she pursues her doctoral studies,” says Christine Markham, PhD, Interim Department Chair for Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, “We are proud of the many accomplishments that she has achieved already and we are excited that she will have the opportunity to make further contributions.”

Castedo de Martell is a first-year student who is pursuing her PhD in Behavioral Sciences at UTHealth School of Public Health in Austin. She earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology with a focus in archaeology and human evolution from the University of Georgia in 2010 and earned her MPH at the UTHealth School of Public Health in May 2019.

Castedo de Martell will receive a four-year award that covers 100% of tuition and fees and a Teaching Assistant position within the Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences during her first year of study that provides a salary and health benefits.

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For the past seven years, Castedo de Martell has been actively involved in the recovery community in Austin, serving as the director of UT Austin’s Center for Students in Recovery from 2014 to 2019, and in a variety of volunteer roles on the board of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, Communities for Recovery, and the Austin Recovery-Oriented System of Care, among others. “Too often, recovery from substance use disorder is viewed as something that is relegated to the clinical realm, and environmental-level changes including the development of critical pieces of recovery infrastructure remain underfunded and under-researched,” said Castedo de Martell.

With support from the Scholarship, Castedo de Martell hopes to continue building the evidence base for recovery infrastructure and investigating how and why people find recovery from substance use disorders.

The Dolan-Mullen Family Endowed Scholarship was created by Faculty member, Patricia “Pat” Dolan Mullen, DrPH, MLS, along with her husband, Lon, and her father, Colonel Pat Dolan, in 2002 with a contribution from Col. Dolan’s estate and donations from her teaching awards.  Later Pat and Lon donated $100,000 which was matched by UTHealth.