In the media (Aug. 10, 2018)

NewsUTHealth School of Public Health was featured in the following media stories recently.

PharmiWeb and 60 other media outlets covered the announcement of a National Safety Council scholarship presented to School of Public Health student Leeroy Cienega.

Research by James Langabeer, PhD, MBA, on the financial issues experienced by some health care organizations was featured in RevCycle Intelligencer.

Stephen Linder, PhD, was scheduled to be interviewed this week by a writer with The Washington Post about mental health issues in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Having a varied diet in the Western world may not be so healthy, according to a science advisory written by Marcia Otto, PhD, that was published today by the American Heart Association. Otto was quoted in articles in the Houston Chronicle, Newsweek, Consumer Reports, Daily Mail, ABC News online and Nutrition Insight.

A story about Otto’s study that found no significant link between dairy fats and cause of death was also featured in the ASPPH News last week.

Cheryl Perry, PhD, was quoted in Northern Kentucky Tribune and Richmond Register articles about her research revealing an alarming increase in first-time smoking among young adults.

The Katy News picked up a UTHealth HealthLEADER story about taking a fresh look at milk and its impact on your child. The story quotes Shreela Sharma, PhD, RD. She was also interviewed by a news anchor at KCBS Radio in San Francisco about how teaching children to cook might make them eat healthier.

Catherine Troisi, PhD, was scheduled to be interviewed for a segment on VieTV about raising awareness of hepatitis B and C in the Asian community.

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