Mobile medicine on the border (TMC News)

From TMC News: "When the opportunity arose to start a new regional school of public health for The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, two doctors immediately headed to the southernmost tip of the second largest state in the nation."

"In the evenings after work, Francisco Garza and his family have a new tradition. After a healthy dinner at home, they head outside to a row of bicycles parked under a small grove of trees. The Texas sky yawns pink and orange and, one by one, Garza and his wife, sons, daughters and daughter-in-law hop on. Soon, they are speeding down the driveway past rows of tires stacked with wood and clay-cracked farmland that spans the horizon. They are racing against the sunset, and right now, the Garza family is winning."

Read the story here in the TMC News

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