NIOSH Occupational Epi Traineeships Available

Occupational Epidemiology Traineeships available

 Are you interested in becoming an Occupational Epidemiology trainee?

The Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (SWCOEH) Education and Research Center (ERC) invites you to apply for a competitive traineeship available to Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Sciences (EHGES) doctoral level students who are interested in occupational epidemiology. As an “Occ Epi” trainee, you’ll be expected to take relevant coursework and focus your dissertation research in a pertinent area in the field.  The scholarship includes an annual stipend and coverage of tuition and fees. 

What is Occupational Epidemiology?

Occupational epidemiology is a fundamental science of occupational health and safety. More specifically, it is a science that applies epidemiologic methods to identify diseases and injuries that result from workplace exposures. Please find more information about the traineeship program here.

What is the SWCOEH? What is an ERC?

The SWCOEH is one of 18 National Institute Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) university-based Education and Research Centers (ERCs) in the US.  “ERCs” were established to assist the selected institutions to develop and/or expand existing occupational health and safety training programs and to provide continuing education courses for specialists currently practicing in the field.”  Drs. Elaine Symanski and Sharon Cooper serve as Center Director and Deputy Director of the SWCOEH, respectively.  See the list of affiliated faculty at the UTSPH ERC for research areas available. Trainees are required to have an affiliated faculty member named as their academic advisor.

What are the requirements?

Application requirements:

Eligibility requirements:

Resume/ CV


Statement of research interests


Current UT-SPH transcript


U.S. citizen or permanent resident

MPH, MS or equivalent in Epidemiology

DrPH student in EOHS or PhD student in Epidemiology

How do I apply?

Deadline for submission: Friday, September 7, 2012 by 5pm

Submit application materials via email to Drs. Cooper and Pompeii: 

Sharon Cooper, PhD

Professor and Regional Dean- San Antonio Regional Campus

Occupational Epidemiology Program Director


Lisa Pompeii, PhD

Associate Professor

Occupational Epidemiology Associate Program Director


What kind of courses will I need to take? 

A typical course of study will include the following topics:  occupational epidemiology, work organization theory, toxicology, risk and exposure assessment, injury epidemiology, and advanced biostatistics and analysis.