Trace Texas Together: Become a Contact Tracer for the State of Texas

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UTHealth School of Public Health is recruiting current students on behalf of the State of Texas to become Contact Tracers. Contact Tracers will be responsible for connecting with COVID-19 patients, as well as locating and counseling individuals those patients may have come into contact with during the course of their infection. Identifying, quarantining and testing people exposed to a known COVID-19 patient helps end the chain of disease transmission and is a critical part of ensuring the health and safety of Texans as the state begins to re-open. 


Recruitment for contact tracers is currently closed. 


As of Monday, May 4, 2020, UTHealth School of Public Health is only recruiting currently enrolled students from UTHealth School of Public Health and other UTHealth institutions. Students from regional campuses and those fluent in multiple languages are strongly encouraged to apply. 

You must currently live in the state of Texas to become a Contact Tracer.

International students are eligible to become Contact Tracers. 

Contact Tracers must have: 

  • Access to a personal mobile or home phone device  
  • Access to password protected secure internet connection


Contact tracing is a process that identifies individuals who may have been in contact with someone who is infected by a virus—in this case, COVID-19. Once these contacts are identified, public health workers known as contact tracers communicate with these individuals to warn them of potential exposure and connect them with public health information and services including testing. 

Contact Tracers will be employed, trained and monitored by the UTHealth School of Public Health in support of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) statewide contact tracing effort.  The Contact Tracer will use a web-based data management platform to call all contacts of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 to document a self-check for information and symptoms, refer them for testing according to established protocols, and provide them with instructions and refer to resources for isolation, if appropriate. Contact Tracers are required to follow all scripts, policies and procedures provided by DSHS, and comply with DSHS training regarding confidential information related to personal information.


Compensation for Contact Tracers begins at $15/hour.

Students may be able to receive one (1) credit hour for their work with the state.


For more information regarding the UTHealth School of Public Health-led contact tracing program in Texas, please contact