UTSPH student receives best poster at industrial hygiene association conference

Jennifer Laine with her winning poster.Jennifer Laine, student at The University of Texas School of Public Health and fellow at the school’s Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, was awarded Best Student Poster for the AIHA Incident Preparedness and Response Working Group at the 2013 American Industrial Hygiene Association Conference & Exposition (AIHce).

The topic of her poster was ‘Hydration Measurements Before and After Heat Stress Testing Using a Freezing Point Osmometer and a Personal Hydration Management System.’

Laine’s research showed that a Personal Hydration Management System held promise as an inexpensive, easy-to-use monitoring system to be used in the field to provide an immediate indication of hydration status in people with heat stress.

AIHce is considered the most important event of the year among Environmental Health and Safety professionals.

Photo: Jennifer Laine with her winning poster