Practicum Checklist



  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Complete the online orientation session and quiz one semester prior to practicum
  • Discuss potential sites with your faculty advisor
  • Contact potential sites
  • Choose a site
  • Choose a  faculty sponsor
  • If you are in a concentration (Global Health, Health Disparities, Leadership Studies, Maternal & Child Health, Physical Activity & Health), check with your concentration advisor to verify that your practicum is appropriate to your concentration. The Office of Public Health Practice/Practicum Office does not verify this.
  • Meet with faculty sponsor and community preceptor to complete the Learning Contract.
    Print out the Example SPH Practica Learning Contract to formalize the details of your practicum with your faculty sponsor and preceptor. Then use this link to enter your learning contract which will go directly into a database. We only need one finalized copy in the database. Should you have minor changes, contact
  • If you are an International Student on an F-1 visa sponsored by UTHealth, be sure to visit the tab above labeled INT’L STUDENTS for specific information and additional steps.
  • Upon submission of your online learning contract, a copy of your learning contract is automatically forwarded to the community preceptor, faculty sponsor, and the Office of Public Health Practice (OPHP/Administration). If you are at a regional campus, forward a copy of your learning contract to the Regional Campus Coordinator. The Office of Public Health Practice/Regional Campus Coordinator must have a copy before the practicum starts.
  • Retain one copy
  • If you are planning an international practicum and are going abroad, please follow these additional steps: International Travel Requirements.
  • Register for course – PH 9997. The approval code for your faculty sponsor is available from the Associate Dean for Public Health Practice. The OPHP office must have a copy of the Learning Contract to receive the approval code, along with completion of the orientation & quiz. Registering for the practicum also registers you for the online practicum seminar.  International Travel Requirements
  • Complete a proposal if you intend to use the practicum as your culminating experience requirement
  • Submit a new Learning Contract only if objectives substantially change
  • FOR DrPH STUDENTS ONLY: DrPH Practicum Guidelines


  • Meet with your faculty sponsor and community preceptor as needed
  • Participate in online seminars (Effective January 2007). Registering for the practicum automatically registers you for the online seminar.
  • Share your final product with community preceptor
  • Complete the practicum evaluation and encourage your community preceptor to complete the same

International Students

Practicum Related Special Requirements for International Students on F-1 Visas: Houston & Regional Campuses

Students at regional campuses should allow time for processing and mailing.

  • See Practicum Checklist and follow additional steps below.
  • Obtain a letter on organization letterhead from the Community preceptor specifying the beginning and ending dates of the practicum, learning objectives, hours per week, paid or unpaid and location. If an unpaid position converts to a paid position during the semester, contact the Office of International Affairs immediately.
  • Register for the practicum – PH 9997 after completion of the online orientation and learning contract
  • Forward a copy of the completed Learning Contract and Community preceptor letter to the Director of Enrollment in the Office of Student Affairs (John Adams: 713-500-9033; email: John Adams can provide an original letter signed by the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs/Director of Student Affairs stating how the proposed training/employment would qualify as CPT.
  • Receive documentation required for the Office of International Affairs from The Office of Student Affairs
  • Receive endorsement of I-20 from the Office of International Affairs. For further details click here: Curricular Practical Training-CPT