Forms - Practicum


A. Instructions

Review the step-by-step instructions for MPH and DrPH students on the practicum homepage.

B. Learning Contract Online Form

Click here to access the online learning contract, a step-by-step guide, and learning contract deadlines.  

 C.  Travel Forms

         Please review the Practicum Travel webpage for instructions on obtaining approval for your travel.

 D.  Forms for International Students Enrolling in Practicum
  1. Please review the International Students tab of Practicum homepage for instructions.
  2. Curricular Practice Training Form
E.  Evaluation Forms
  1. The Office of Public Health Practice e-mails evaluations at the end of each semester. 
  2. Preceptor evaluation: assesses the student’s ability to accomplish the learning objectives and final product.  
  3. Student Evaluation: assesses the effectiveness of the practicum experience from the student’s perspective.
F.  Grade Change Form (for Faculty)      
  1. Log into the faculty myUTH portal. 
  2. In the Resources section, click on the Grade Change form.  
  3. This form can be accessed only by faculty from the myUTH portal.  We cannot post a direct link to this form.