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Learning Contract Online Form 

Click here to enter your learning contract in the online Practicum Management System.

Learning Contract Tips:

  • Draft and save your learning objectives and final product descriptions in a separate Word doc. Once these details are final, paste this information into the online form.  
  • For help with writing practicum learning objectives, refer to the practicum learning objectives worksheet, example, and slide set on the Orientation & Training Materials webpage.
  • Be sure to enter your preceptor's name, organization, and e-mail address correctly. 
  • After you submit your learning contract, your faculty mentor and preceptor will each receive an e-mail to approve your learning contract in this system.  It is a good idea to follow up with your faculty mentor and preceptor to ensure that they have reviewed your learning contract.
  • The practicum office will review and provide the final approval of your learning contract.  After our approval, we will send you a registration code for practicum.
  • Monitor your UTHealth email for potential changes to your learning contract.
  • If you are an international student, print and bring a copy of your final, approved learning contract and the letter from your preceptor to John Adams in Student Affairs. (For more information, see the International Students tab on the Practicum homepage for Curricular Practice Training approval). 

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