Post a Practicum

Post a Practicum or Request a Practicum Student

Thank you for your willingness to mentor our developing public health professionals!

There are two methods for posting a practicum opportunity. We recommend option 1, as we have found this to be the most convenient for preceptors.

Option 1

To post a practicum opportunity, please complete this form: Practicum Opportunity Form.  Please send the completed Practicum Opportunity Form as an e-mail attachment to

  • You may also use this same form if you are interested in hosting a practicum student but do not yet have a specific opportunity planned. 
  • You may identify ongoing opportunities available to students from semester to semester or projects with a defined end dates.
  • Provide any instructions for students to apply for your practicum opportunity (if an application is required) and/or instructions for contacting you or your organization about the opportunity.
  • In addition to this form, you may include a description of the practicum opportunity as an e-mail attachment.

We will enter information from the your form into our Practicum database, a search engine our students use to find available practice opportunities.  Interested students will contact you or your organization according to the instructions you provided.

Option 2

You may also post an opportunity using the online form below.  (We recommend using option 1).

If you post an opportunity using the online form below, please e-mail to let us know you've posted an opportunity.  This will prompt us to review the opportunity for any missing information.

Instructions:  Items in red below are required. Press the TAB key to move from one field to the next.