Practicum Travel

International Travel for Practicum

International practicum projects provide excellent opportunities for students to gain work experience and make significant contributions to public health.  An international practicum requires extensive planning, however, and the required approvals can take several weeks to complete. 

The Office of Public Health Practice can help you with obtaining the necessary travel approvals.

Notify the Office of Public Health Practice

If you are planning to conduct an international practicum, please contact our office at as soon as you have identified a practicum host site and preceptor.  Tell us where you will conduct your practicum, the name of the organization hosting your practicum, and when you plan to travel.

We will send you an International Practicum Questionnaire to complete.  We use the information you provide in the questionnaire to request for a program agreement through the Office of Global Health Initiatives (OGHI).  Once our request is approved, OGHI will negotiate an international program agreement with the organization hosting your practicum. 

Obtain Approval for Your International Travel

Students traveling internationally for practicum must apply for travel approval.  Please read and complete all instructions in the attached International Travel Guide for Practicum.  

Travel Application Form: Student International Travel for Practicum Application