Re-Admission Applicants

Students who have not been enrolled at UTHealth SPH for over one calendar year (a total of three consecutive semesters) must reapply to the school. The following documents must be submitted to Admissions Coordinator Elvis Parada by October 1 for the Spring semester and July 1 for the fall semester:

Application Process:

1        Online Application: SOPHAS EXPRESS

2        Application Fee $50

3        Supporting Documents to be submitted

  • Current goal statement, including an explanation for the leave of absence
  • Reference Letter from advisor (may be the same or different) indicating his/her support of applicant’s reinstatement and willingness to serve as student’s advisor (electronic request to recommender through the application)
  • Transcripts (Applicant may upload official or unofficial transcripts reflecting classes taken since the original application was submitted. In the event the applicant is admitted, they will be required to submit an official transcript to our registrar’s office.)

Program Deadlines

Readmission Policy

For further assistance with the application process and information, please contact