How To Apply

How To Apply - Application and Admission Requirements

Application and Admission Requirements

UTHealth School of Public Health uses the centralized resources of the UTHealth Office of the Registrar’s student information system to maintain demographic and admissions data. The Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services receives and processes all applications to the School of Public Health's degree seeking programs. The admission coordinators use the centralized Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS) application ( for applicant processing. The admissions staff within the UTHealth SPH Office of Student Services is responsible for ensuring that applicants submit all documentation and meet minimum requirements before the applicable department-level admissions committees review the applications.  Only completed applications that include official test score reports, letters of recommendation, and official transcripts, are sent to the department-level admissions committees.

The Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services admissions coordinators forward completed applications to the appropriate departmental admissions committees and campuses for review by program faculty. UTHealth SPH applications are reviewed by committees within the four academic departments and five off-site campuses.  Depending on the department/campus, each application and supporting documentation is either submitted to a triage committee (three to five faculty members) or to the full departmental faculty for review.  The faculty representative from each department and campus forwards recommendations for admissions to be approved by the Sr. Associate Dean of Academic & Research Affairs and submitted the Sr. Student Affairs Coordinator in the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services for processing.

Admissions policies and requirements by degree program are listed in the UTHealth SPH Catalog which can be found on the UTHealth SPH website.  The catalog details the UTHealth and UTHealth SPH policies and procedures, academic calendar, grading policies and details on all graduate programs.

The process for applying is different for each degree and non-degree program. Make sure to complete each step of the process as applications will not be reviewed until all documents are received.

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