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Prime Grants

Two Faculty Receive PRIME Grants

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Public Health recently awarded two PRIME grants to new investigators. Dr. Kristina Whitworth, an assistant professor in San Antonio, received $25,000 for her research “Feasibility of Assessing Biomarkers of Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Fetal Growth Among Pregnant Women Attending a UTHealth Prenatal Clinic”. Dr. Kai Zhang, an assistant professor in Houston, was funded $24,600 toward his study “Impact of the 2011 Heat Wave on Health Care Costs in Greater Houston.”

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Fote Grants

UTHealth School of Public Health presented two Front of the Envelope (FOTE) awards in November. The FOTE program funds projects that represent a substantial shift from traditional approaches within a field or a new research paradigm, a shift in focus for an individual investigator, and/or a new collaboration. Preference is given to projects that represent a shift from traditional approaches in the field/new research paradigm and/or that address more than one FOTE area (e.g. a new collaboration AND a new path of research for the investigator). The 2015 FOTE awardees were:

Dr. Jennifer Gonzalez, Asst. Professor of Epidemiology, Human Genetics and Environmental Sciences in Dallas, $24,957, for “A Case-Control Study to Reduce Police Officer-Involved Shootings”.

Dr. Vanessa Schick, Asst. Professor of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences in Houston, $24,996, for “Assessing Opportunities for Public Health Promotion at Truckstops in Houston, TX”.

The winning applications can be viewed in the SPH Grants Repository (faculty access only)

Tentative application dates for the 2015 FOTE competition and other internal School of Public Health funding opportunities can be viewed at: Internal Funding Calendar

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New Training Grants

New Cancer Prevention Training Grants

Thanks to a new training grant from CPRIT, UTHealth School of Public Health is able to offer new pre- and post-doc training grants for Innovation in Cancer Prevention. The fellowship program will help those seeking a career in cancer prevention and control research to look at research in a new way.

Research Highlights

Dr. Louis Brown (PI),
Longitudinal Evaluation of Teens Against Tobacco Use, $153,239 from Paso del Norte Health Foundation.

Drs. Stephen H. Linder (PI) and Dritana Marko (CI),
Cities Changing Diabetes, $40,190 from Novo Nordisk.

Dr. Sheng Luo (PI),
Determining the Effects of Early Exercise and Physical Therapy on Outcomes Using the Parkinson's Outcomes Project Dataset, $25,000 from National Parkinson.

Dr. Shreela V. Sharma (PI),
Brighter Bites, $59,830 from TX Food Bank Network.

 Additional Awards