All-Payor Claims Database (APCD)

UTHealth School of Public Health has been named as Administrator for Texas APCD. The following links will provide guidance on registering and submitting data.

About the Texas All Payor Claims Database

As Administrator for Texas APCD, the Center for Health Care Data (CHCD) shall collect, process, analyze and store data relating to medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and other relevant health care claims and encounters, enrollment and benefit information for the purposes of increasing transparency of health care costs, reporting utilization and access, improving the affordability, availability and quality of health care and improving population health. The CHCD was chosen based on the Center’s experience and expertise in using data to guide improvements in healthcare policy and delivery. Furthermore, as evidenced by its designation by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid as a Qualified Entity, the CHCD has implemented sophisticated systems and policies to secure and protect the data entrusted to it.

The TX APCD will use the data to provide public information to produce statewide, regional, and geo-zip consumer reports which shall be made available through a public access portal that address:

(A) Health care costs, quality, utilization, outcomes, and disparities;

(B) Population health; or

(C) The availability of health care services.

The APCD shall be a resource for qualified research entities that may receive access to data for research in the public interest with the purpose of analyzing the delivery of health care in the state.

The Texas Department of Insurance oversees the APCD. It sets the requirements for insurance companies to provide data and for the beneficial and ethical use of the data. The APCD is required to convene a Stakeholder Advisory Group to provide advice and counsel on the use of the data. The Group is composed of representatives from healthcare providers, health insurers, researchers, public policy experts and others.

Texas APCD Legislation
Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Rules

Entity Registration

All entities that are required to submit data under the Texas APCD law and Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) rules will need to register initially to be onboarded to the submission process.

See notification dates for registration:

  • Registration:  PDF

A received, processed and active registration is required prior to submitting an exception or extension request.

  •    Extension:  PDF
  •    Exception:  PDF

Please send all completed forms to txapcd@uth.tmc.edu. Once your registration is received, UTHealth will provide instructions on how and when to submit data.

Technical Guides

Texas APCD will be using modified version of the APCD-CDL Version 2.1 standard provided by the APCD Council.  Common Data Layout © 2022 University of New Hampshire, NAHDO. Used with permission.

For technical guidance on how to submit data files, please reference the following:

  • Data Submission Guide (DSG): PDF
  • Common Data Layout (CDL):    PDF | EXCEL
  • Technical Guide: PDF

Please email technical questions to txapcd@uth.tmc.edu.

Stakeholder Advisory Group

Texas’ APCD law includes the creation of a stakeholder advisory group to assist in establishing and updating the standards, requirements, policies, and procedures relating to the collection and use of data, evaluating and prioritizing reporting, evaluating data requests and developing recommendations.

  • Stakeholder Advisory Group roster:   roster
  • Stakeholder Advisory Group charter: charter

If interested in serving as a future member of the stakeholder advisory group, please send an email to txapcd@uth.tmc.edu.

Stakeholder Advisory Group – Meeting Information

Next Meeting date:  TBD

Agenda:  TBD

The public may request a meeting invite to attend the stakeholder advisory group in listen-only mode by sending an email to txapcd@uth.tmc.edu.  Meeting details will be provided the day before the meeting via email.

Previous Meeting Documents:


APCD Notifications

As Administrator for the Texas APCD, the Center for Health Care Data (CHCD) will use this forum to provide notifications for upcoming changes relevant to the submission of data to the APCD.  For any clarifications or questions, please email txapcd@uth.tmc.edu.

The following table provides the required notification as published in TAC §§21.5401 - 21.5406.  Once notification is provided for a specific phase, the APCD Phase Start Date will govern the earliest submission date for that phase.  The APCD Phase Start Date may occur on, or later, than the date published in the rule.

Required Legal Notification(s):  Registration | Test Data | Monthly




REGISTRATION 07/11/22 90 NA 10/10/22
TEST DATA SUBMISSIONS 07/11/22 90 10/01/22 10/10/22
MONTHLY DATA SUBMISSIONS 09/01/22 180 03/01/23 03/01/23 [1] 

[1] Reference Section 1.6 Data Submission Schedules in the Data Submission Guide (DSG) and 28 TAC §21.5405.  The first monthly submission data files will contain claims data adjudicated in November 2022. All monthly submissions are due by the 7th of the month. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Center for Health Care Data (CHCD) has received many questions relating to registration, test data submissions and the availability of a technical guide among others.  The most frequently asked and answered questions are provided in the document below.  As always, further questions should be directed to txapcd@uth.tmc.edu.

11/7/2022 - FAQs