Me & You: Building Healthy Relationships

Me & You: Building Healthy Relationships is a classroom- and computer-based curriculum for 6th grade students developed by researchers at University of Texas School of Public Health. The goal of the curriculum is to teach youth the importance of having healthy relationships and how to make good decisions in their relationships with peers, friends, family, and future dating partners. The curriculum was developed using intervention mapping, a framework for developing health education interventions using behavioral science theory and empirical evidence.



Me & You consists of thirteen 25-minute lessons: 5 classroom, 5 computer-only, and 3 classroom-computer hybrid. The curriculum integrates group-based classroom activities (e.g., role-plays group discussion and other skill-building activities) and computer-based activities, some of which are individually tailored.

Curriculum Key

IconLesson TypeDescription# in Curriculum
chalkboard Classroom Lessons are delivered in a classroom setting.  Teachers facilitate the lesson with group discussion, role-plays, brainstorming, etc. 5
computer Computer Only Lessons are delivered on individual computers.  Teachers will need to ensure that there are enough computers for all students. 5
hybrid Classroom-Computer Hybrid Lessons are delivered in a classroom setting, but also utilize some group-based computer activities. These activities will be viewed and played/completed as a class (by projecting them onto a wall, screen, or whiteboard). 3
Lesson #Lesson TypeLesson Title
1 chalkboard Me & You
2 computer Healthy Friendships
3 chalkboard Playing by Your Rules
4 hybrid Protecting Your Rules about Relationships
5 computer Health Dating Relationships
6 computer The Thoughts and Emotions Link
7 hybrid Communication for Healthy Relationships
8 computer Tech Protect
9 computer Unhealthy Dating Relationships
10 chalkboard Consequences of Unhealthy Dating Relationships
11 hybrid Getting Out of Unhealthy Dating Relationships
12 chalkboard Keeping Your Relationships Healthy
13 chalkboard Putting it All Together

Take-Home Activities

Three lessons include Take-Home Activities to be completed at home with a parent/guardian or other trusted adult.
Take-Home Activities are designed to build skills, facilitate dialogue, and improve communication between students and their parents or guardians about building healthy relationships.

Parent Newsletters

Two parent newsletters will be distributed during the curriculum.
Parent newsletters will keep parents and guardians informed about what their child is learning in the Me & You curriculum and provide tips for talking with their children about healthy relationships.

School Newsletters

One school newsletter will be distributed among school staff during the curriculum.
School newsletter will inform school staff about what the 6th grade students will learn in the Me & You curriculum and assist school staff in how to recognize students who are in unhealthy relationships, how to respond to these situations, and refer those students to appropriate resources.

Parent Resources

Newsletter Volume 1: English     Spanish
Newsletter Volume 2: English     Spanish

Healthy Relationship Resources

Healthy Children

Tips and resources for parents on how to talk with their children about different topics, organized by developmental stages.

Stop Bullying

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Talking with Kids about Tough Issues

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Break the Cycle

Dating violence prevention website with information and resources.

Love is Respect

Dating violence prevention website with resources about healthy dating relationships, identifying abuse, and getting help for abusive relationships.

Educator Resources

School Newsletter

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