Young Men's Affiliation Project (YMAP)

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What is YMAP?


The Young Men’s Affiliation Project, or YMAP for short, is a study of the social networks and venue affiliations of young gay and bisexual men in Houston. We are interested in learning more about how the people, places, and spaces important to young men who have sex with men impact their sexual health. The study is structured in two phases: Phase I looks at networks among the venues that serve this population, and Phase II examines the behaviors and networks at the individual level. We use these networks to understand how things like knowledge, behavior, and disease spread through our community and identify the best places to intervene. If you are a 17-29 year old guy who is interested in cash, free testing or helping make our community a healthier place - contact us and join YMAP!

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How does it work?

The Young Men's Affiliation Project uses a social network analysis to map the people, places and spaces that are important to the sexual health of our community. This project uses two phases to analyze the connections and relationships that exist in our community. 

Phase I:

This phase focuses on the places that MSM (men who have sex with men) frequent and how these venues interact with one another. In the process, we identify venues that are heavily trafficked by the LGBT community and interview representatives from each of these venues. During these interviews we record data focused on its relationship with other venues and the LGBT community. 

This data is then analyzed and applied to the social network analysis.

Phase 2: 

This phase focuses on the individual. Using an interview process, we collect data about each guy we bring in to the study including what venues they go to and who they interact with. This data is then analyzed and used in the overall social network analysis. This phase helps us understand the fundamental way HIV spreads and interacts with the environment as a function of the Respondent Driven System (RDS)  used to recruit participants, 

Respondent Driven System?

RDS is a recruitment system that focuses on two types of participants: seeds and sprouts. A limited number of seeds are selected using a substantial screening process, and after their interview they are tasked with recruiting 4 more participants, or sprouts. These sprouts are then interviewed and also asked to bring in 4 more sprouts; this drives the study forward. The goal is to reach 500 participants using this system. The advantage of RDS lies in it's scientific relevance to a study focused on determining how a disease spreads. This forces the statistical sample to be a network of people that are connected in some way, representing this spread more tangibly. 

Social Network Analysis? 

The data of this study is inputted in to a social network analysis, as previously mentioned. This uses statistical concepts to establish relationships between individuals, venues and HIV. Using various pieces of data we are able to make graphics that capture multiple variables on a canvas of these relationships. Here is an example of the results of a social network analysis done in the past:

 Social Network Analysis

As you can see, these networks are hyper informative and comprehensive. 

All these tools are used to know the most tiny details of the HIV networks present in these cities. 

Want to Participate? 

If you identify as gay or bisexual, and you are a 17-29 year old man, you are eligible to enroll in the YMAP Study!

Contact us! 

Perks of Participating

Do you like money? 

  • Earn up to $180
    • $50 for your 1st interview with YMAP
    • $20/friend you recruit (up to 4)
    • $50 for your 2nd interview with YMAP

Do you care about your community?

  • The YMAP study will benefit the sexual health of Houston and Chicago and eventually communities all over the United States

Do you want free health information?

  • Free testing for you & your friends
  • Consulting for health services and direct links to care

Do you like T-Shirts, concert tickets, movies and other fun events? 

  • Free T-Shirt & other special offers including concert tickets and giveaways!

If you are eligible and answered yes to any of those questions, contact us for an interview!


Phone: 832-554-6540

How to Recruit

  1. Recruit friends you know from:
    • Your friend group
    • Facebook, Twitter, Grindr...
    • Bars/clubs
    • Support groups
    • Clubs, sports teams, other common interest groups
  2. Give them a referral coupon
  3. Share our website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  4. Have them call us & come to an interview
  5. Get your $$$

In case you lose your referral coupons, here's a copy you can send your friends:

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Health Services

AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc.


6260 Westpark Drive, Suite 100

Baylor Teen Health Clinics


Bee Busy, Inc.


Bering Omega Community Services/Houston Area Community Services (HACS)


2150 West 18th St.

FLAS Inc. (Fundación Latinoamericana De Acción Social)


6666 Harwin Drive, Suite 370

Legacy Community Health Services

Lyons & Montrose Clinics:


mSociety (empowerment & awareness):


1116 Jackson Blvd.

LIVE Consortium


Montrose Center

713-529-0037 – Main

713-529-3211 – LGBT 24-Hour Helpline

401 Branard St.

HATCH Youth @ Montrose Center

(For LGBTQIA youth, ages 13-20)


Planned Parenthood

Greenspoint Health Center:


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B.R.O. IV Life: 713-844-8032

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Thomas Street Health Center


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AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc.


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Fresh Start Community Haven Inc.


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SEARCH Homeless Services


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Star of Hope


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Lambda Legal


South Central Regional Office

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Out & Equal Houston


PFLAG Houston (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays)


Positive Efforts, Inc.


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Social Groups

Delta Phi Upsilon Fraternity, Iota Chapter

Gamma Mu Phi, Delta Chapter

Houston Gaymers

Lambda NextGen Houston

Houston Athletic Rugby Club

Houston Hurricanes (Football)

Houston Tennis Club

Lone Star Volleyball Association

Montrose Softball League

The Houston Team

Kayo Fujimoto

Dr. Kayo Fujimoto

Prinicpal Investigator

Dennis Li

Dennis Li

Project Director/GRA


Ju Yeong Kim

Data Manager/GRA

Kim Cook

Kim Cook

Project Manager

Benjamin Lee

Benjamin Lee


Jing Zhao

Lab Manager/GRA

Dr. J. Mike Wilkerson


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