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CITAR founder, Dr. R. Palmer Beasley

The Program Center for International Training and Research (CITAR) is located at The University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston, Texas, in the Center for Infectious Diseases. CITAR was founded by the late Dr. Palmer Beasley and is currently led by a faculty team under the leadership of Dr. Lu-yu Hwang. The Mission of CITAR is advanced training in HIV prevention research for foreign health professionals leading to a 4-year doctoral degree at UTSPH followed by a 5th post-doctoral year doing supervised research in the student’s home country.

Support for CITAR fellows may come from a variety of sources, but to date has been generally from the Vietnam Education Foundation and the Fogarty International Center  at NIH.


CITAR Seminar for March 8, 2013

A journal article will be presented by Nga Nguyen

Khanh Vu will give a presentation

Students, please see the course blackboard for more information

CITAR Seminar

The CITAR Seminar

The CITAR Doctoral Seminar (PH 2998) is a Special Topics course primarily for students from Vietnam intending to pursue public health research based careers in Vietnam, particularly careers focused on HIV/AIDS and related conditions.

The seminar goals are:

  • To hone research skills from proposal development to the most practical field issues through discussions and critiques of developing research in a positive environmentPicture 021 300x200 | Center for International Training and Research
  • To learn cross disciplinary interactions
  • To develop close working relationships between CITAR faculty and students that will carry over to future projects in Vietnam
  • To familiarize other SPH faculty and students about Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries

Students and faculty meet for 2 hours each week for inter-disciplinary discussions about issues related to the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southeast Asia.

Many discussions will be about the current work-in-progress of the doctoral students.


About us

The Center for International Training and Research (CITAR) is a program for advanced international training in HIV prevention research, located in the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston, Texas, USA.

CITAR Fellows are outstanding foreign health professionals training for research careers in public health in their home countries on HIV and HIV related issues.  CITAR provides a framework to assist them in this training.

Thus, the goals of CITAR are to foster research and research capacity in developing countries, and to promote understanding and cooperation between the United States and other countries.

To meet these goals, CITAR has identified 6 key elements in the training experience:

  • Faculty supervision
  • Didactic academic courses
  • Weekly seminars
  • Practica
  • Course on practical issues of international research
  • Close mentoring

CITAR Leadership

The Center is organized under a leadership team, comprised of faculty who serve as a resource both in planning for the requirements and activities of CITAR, but additionally assists our students and fellows by monitoring their progress.

Our team includes:

  • Dr. Lu-yu Hwang, Director
  • Dr. Christine Markham, Associate Director
  • Dr. Patricia Mullen, Associate Director
  • Dr. Michael Ross, Associate Director

CITAR Advisory Committee

The CITAR Advisory Committee is comprised of a group of internationally recognized individuals who review and advise the Leadership, with a goal of continual program improvement.  Our current committee includes:

  • Herbert L. DuPont, MD, University of Texas-School of Public Health
  • Pham duc Trung Kien, VietnamNet Media group
  • Long Thanh Nguyen, MD, Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control, VN Ministry of Health
  • Michael Merson, MD, Duke University Global Health Institute
  • Merie Sweeney, PhD, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, CDC
  • Mark Wilson, ScD, University of Michigan, School of Public Health Global Health Program


Students and postdoctoral fellows participating in The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health’s (UTSPH) Center for International Training and Research (CITAR) are funded from a variety of sources, but to date have been primarily funded from the Vietnam Education Foundation and the Fogarty International Center (FIC) AIDS International Training and Research Program.

The VEF provides 2 years of stipends and institutional support, while the AITRP has supported the remaining 3 years and travel expenses between Houston and our research and training sites in Vietnam.

As of August 2012, former and current students and postdoctoral fellows include:

Picture 202 Anh NGO 150x150 | Center for International Training and ResearchAnh Duc Ngo, MD, DrPH

Anh received a VEF fellowship from 9/2004 until 8/2006, and a UTSPH AITRP fellowship from 9/2006 until 1/2007. He was working at the WHO Country office in Hanoi in 2004 when he was selected for a VEF Fellowship. At the UTSPH he chose to pursue a DrPH under the guidance of Professors Sheryl McCurdy and Michael Ross. Anh was an enthusiastic student who worked hard and completed research leading to a dissertation earlier than expected, titled “Female Sex Workers in Vietnam, Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV — How Risky?” Anh and another student took on the substantial work of organizing and teaching in our 2006 Workshop in Hanoi. Although Anh did not graduate until May, 2007, he had already begun a fellowship/junior faculty position with Queensland University School of Public Health in Hanoi where he will continue to do research on behavior aspects of HIV transmission among high-risk populations. Dr. Ngo is one of the founding members of the Center for Promotion of Advancement of Society (CPAS) in Vietnam.

Anh Tuan Nguyen, MD

Anh Tuan Nguyen began his PhD studies here at the UTSPH in Epidemiology in the fall of 2010, funded by a VEF fellowship. His academic advisor is Dr. Palmer Beasley. His research interests include osteoporosis, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Anh graduated from the Hanoi Medical University in 2007. Thanks to invaluable experienced gained as a member of a student research group named FSH (Friendship and Science for Health), he discovered his desire to be a researcher and has now pursued it as his career. After graduation, Anh worked as an intern, a research assistant, a teaching assistant, consultant and medical project officer for a variety of institutions in Vietnam, such as Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC), National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE), Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH), Family Health International (FHI), and Medecins du Monde France (MdM). Upon completing his degree in UTSPH, he hopes to become a professional epidemiologist actively participating in networks of researchers in Vietnam and the world over.

Betty Nsangi, MD

Betty was a Baylor College of Medicine AITRP Scholar from Kampala, Uganda and, as a student here at the UTSPH, was one of CITAR’s few non-Vietnamese members. She began her training in January 2006. Prior to coming to Houston, Betty worked as a medical officer in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Clinic (PIDC), Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda for two and a half years. She has completed her studies with special emphasis in epidemiology here at the UTSPH. She is involved in clinical research with HIV infected children in Uganda.

Chi Nguyen, MPH

Chi joined the UTSPH in January, 2011, as an Epidemiology PhD student. She received her Bachelors Degree from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia in 2004 with financial support from AusAID. From 8/2007 to 8/2009, Chi received a VEF fellowship and completed her Masters of Public Health at Emory University with a concentration in Epidemiology. Her masters thesis is entitled, “The patterns of follow-up among prostate cancer survivors at the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center.” Before joining UTSPH, Chi worked for Family Health International in Vietnam on methadone maintenance treatment for drug users. Her research interests include HIV and cancer epidemiology.

Picture 035 Chien DANG 150x150 | Center for International Training and ResearchChinh Dang, MD

Chinh, who received a VEF fellowship from 9/2004 until 8/2006, and received a UTSPH AITRP postdoctoral Fellowship from 6/2008 through 5/2009, was working as a junior faculty member at the Institute of Hygiene and Public Health of the Ho Chi Minh City Medical University when he was accepted for a VEF Fellowship in 2004. Chinh completed a doctoral dissertation in epidemiology in 2008 entitled “BMI and Its Determinants among Children in Vietnam Ages 6 to 15: under Professor Sue Day, and has returned to his faculty position at the Institute of Hygiene and Public Health in Ho Chi Minh City following graduation. Chinh has broad interest and experience in public health and while he does not expect to pursue a career related to HIV/AIDS, he has been enthusiastically supportive of the efforts of AITRP and his colleagues who do. He will be a critical liaison between CITAR and his university in the future.

Doan Ha

Doan joined CITAR as a UTSPH AITRP Fellow in August, 2009, as a Health Promotion DrPH student. From August 2007 to May 2009, Doan received funding from the Emory University AITRP, and completed her Masters of Public Health at Rollins School of Public Health Emory University, with a concentration in Behavioral Sciences in May 2009. Her Masters thesis was entitled, “Condom use at last sexual activity among male drug users in Hanoi, Vietnam.”

Picture 079 Ha PHAN 150x150 | Center for International Training and ResearchHa Thi Phan, MD

Ha Thi Phan received a VEF Fellowship from 9/2004 through 8/2006, and a UTSPH AITRP Fellowship from 9/2006 through 5/2009. From 6/1/2009 thru 05/31/2010, she received an AITRP postdoctoral Fellowship. She received her MPH from the University of Washington SPH in 2003, and was working for the PATH in Hanoi when she applied to VEF for a fellowship for doctoral training in epidemiology. Her UTSPH advisor was Professor Lu-Yu Hwang, one of CITAR’s associate directors. Ha completed a thesis entitled “HIV and HCV Infections among Injection Drug Users in Vietnam.” While a student at UTSPH, Ha received an International Program Award. Ha and another student took on the substantial work of organizing and teaching in our 2006 Workshop in Hanoi, and in our 2007 Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, and provided assistance to our Hue Workshop in 2008. She was one of the founders of CPAS in Vietnam which provided substantial assistance in our 2009 Workshop in Nha Trang. Ha is currently the UCSF in-country representative in Vietnam.

Ha Tran, MS

Ha Tran received a VEF Fellowship beginning in 9/2010, when she began her studies here at the UTSPH. She received her bachelor degree of Honor Program, Hanoi National University in 2006, and the Masters degree from St. Johns University in New York City in 2009. She has also worked as a research assistant in the Biochemistry Laboratory, St. Johns University while she applied to the UTSPH. Her research interests for the future are molecular epidemiology and HIV epidemiology.

Hao Thi Duong, MD

Hao received a VEF fellowship from 9/2004 until 8/2006, and a UTSPH AITRP fellowship beginning in the Spring through December, 2008. Hao, a pediatrician, received an MPH from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in 2002, and was working as a junior faculty member at Hue Medical University when she received a VEF Fellowship. At UT she pursued a doctoral education with a combined emphasis on epidemiology and health promotion with a thesis entitled “BMI Change in Children Over Time” with Professor Deanna Hoelscher in the Division of Health Promotion and Behavior Sciences.

Hung Nguyen Luu, MD

Hung began his coursework in Spring, 2008, and had financial support from VEF through 12/2009. He began his AITRP Fellowship in 1/2010. He received the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Thai Binh Medical University in 1997 and an MPH (Major: Health Economics) from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in the USA in 2003. At UTSPH in Houston, Hung was a doctoral student in the Epidemiology program under the supervision of Dr. Beasley, Director of CITAR. Upon graduating from medical school, Hung worked for several international research organizations (Family Health International, Futures Group) in the field of HIV epidemiology research and applied statistical models for HIV projection and estimation. His recent position was Epidemiologist/Researcher for UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok in the HIV/AIDS Datahub program, which has been trying to synthesize HIV related data for proper response in 25 countries of Asia and the Pacific Region. His research interests include HIV epidemiology and cancer epidemiology. Hung contributed substantial work in the organization and presentation of our 2009 Workshop in Nha Trang. After graduating from the UTSPH, Hung has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship here in Houston.

Picture 016 Huy HA 150x150 | Center for International Training and ResearchHuy Xuan Ha, MD

Huy was supported by a grant from the government of Vietnam from 01/06 through the summer of 2008. In September of 2008, he began to receive support as a UTSPH AITRP fellow, which continued until August 2010. He received his MD at the Bacthai Medical University in 1994 and began his MPH training in Health Education and Communication at Tulane University in 2005-2006. He has served as Program Officer for the Vietnam Iodine Deficiency Disorder Program of the MOH in Vietnam, the Health Communication Project Officer at the Vietnam-Australian Iodine Deficiency Control Project in Vietnam, and as an Officer in the National Centre of Health Education of the MOH in Vietnam. After completing his MPH and DrPH in the subject of drug use and unprotected anal intercourse, he has returned to Vietnam.

Joyce Kgatlwane

Joyce Kgatlwane is a Baylor College of Medicine AITRP Scholar from Botswana, who began working on a Masters in Public Health at UTSPH in the Fall of 2008. She received the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Otago in New Zealand and the Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Florida, USA. She has worked for the Botswana government at several hospitals and has also worked for Botswana Essential Drugs Action Programme at the Ministry of Health. She later joined the Botswana Harvard Partnership Program where she was involved in HIV/AIDS and other infectious disease issues. After completing her Masters here at the UTSPH, Joyce returned to Botswana.

Khanh Ngoc Vu

Khanh joins CITAR as a PhD student in Epidemiology in Fall, 2011. He received a VEF Fellowship when he was working at the Population Services International (PSI). He has worked in public health research and intervention in HIV, maternal and child health and nutrition for 12 years with the Ministry of Health and different international NGOs. His research interest includes HIV, infectious diseases, and cancer. His plan upon completing the PhD degree is public health research work and teaching.

Katherine Ngo

Katherine completed her undergraduate studies in biology at The University of Texas in Austin in May, 2007. She developed an interest in public health studies through her courses and as a volunteer assisting hurricane Katrina victims, and elected to attend the UTSPH. Her advisor is Dr. Beasley. Katherine traveled to Vietnam to work on a summer project in 2008.

Ly Tran, MD

Ly is a PhD student in the Department of Epidemiology at the UTSPH, joining us in Fall, 2011. Her course of study at the UTSPH is currently funded by a Vietnam Education Foundation Fellowship and a Philanthropic Educational Organization International Scholarship. After graduating from Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine in Vietnam with a medical doctor degree in 2009, Ly became a clinician, a clinical instructor and a member of the Evidence-based Committee of the Gia Dinh Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She has been primarily interested in Systematic review and evidence-based methods. Her other academic interests include cancer etiology, cancer supportive therapies, and the effect of endocrinologic use (e.g. HRT) on the immune system, especially among HIV-infected women.

Marape Marape, MB, BCh, BAO, BA

Marape joined CITAR as a scholar with the Baylor College of Medicine AITRP, which is also here in Houston. As a Fellow from Gaborone, Botswana, who joined the Baylor University AITRP in August, 2007, he is one of CITAR’s few non-Vietnamese members. He pursued graduate work in Public Health, with special emphasis in epidemiology here at the UTSPH, graduating in 2011. Before joining the Baylor AITRP fellowship program, he worked as a Medical Officer at the Botswana-Baylor Children’s Clinical Centre of Excellence for two and a half years. His work was focused on the management of HIV/AIDS and related conditions in children and families. He was also involved in clinical mentoring, research and education. His main interest lies in tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS co-infection, especially in children and adolescents.

Picture 012 Minh Duc NGUYEN 150x150 | Center for International Training and ResearchMinh-Duc Nguyen-Tan, MD

Minh-Duc Nguyen-Tan received a VEF fellowship from 9/2005 until 8/2007, and a UTSPH AITRP fellowship beginning in 9/2007. After receiving the MD degree from Hue Medical University in 1986, he was working for the International organization for Migration in Ho Chi Minh City when he was awarded a VEF Fellowship in 2005. Dr. Beasley became his advisor when he joined the UT MPH program in 2005. He completed a thesis entitled “Epidemiology of Smear-Negative Tuberculosis among Culture-Positive Patients in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam” as a final requirement for his MPH degree, which was awarded in May, 2007. After graduation in May, 2011, he continues in a research career.

Moorine Sekadde, MD

Moorine Sekadde is a Baylor AITRP Scholar from Uganda and, as a student here at UTSPH, was also one of CITAR’s few non-Vietnamese members. After receiving her medical training at Makerere University in Uganda, she worked as a volunteer medical officer in the pediatric and adult emergency units of Mulago National Referral Hospital, and then worked as a medical officer at the Baylor college of Medicine Children’s Foundation, Uganda. She started coursework here at the UTSPH in the Fall of 2007 with Dr. Beasley as her advisor. Upon graduation, she has returned to Uganda.

Nga Thi Hoang Nguyen

Nga graduated with a bachelors degree in Public Health from Hanoi School of Public Health in 2006. From 9/2010 until 8/2011, Nga received funding from the Centers for Disease Control-Vietnam and completed her Masters in Health Informatics program at City University London, UK. Nga received a VEF fellowship beginning in 9/2011 for the PhD program in Epidemiology at the UTSPH. Before joining UTSPH, Nga worked for Hanoi School of Public Health as a project officer in the project “Strengthen public health capacity in HIV prevention and care activities in Vietnam” as well as in a teaching assistant position for Nutrition and Food Safety department of the school. Her research interests are HIV epidemiology, nutrition and public health informatics.

Nhiem V. Luong, MD

Niehm V. Luong received VEF support from 9/2004 through 8/2006 at UNC. Nhiem attended Thai Binh Medical University, and was a junior member of the physical medicine faculty of Thai Binh University (a city with a population of 2 million located 50 miles NW of Hanoi) when he was awarded a VEF Fellowship in 2004. At UTSPH, Nhiem completed his doctoral work in Health Promotion under the supervision of Dr. Sheryl McCurdy. After graduation Nhiem  returned to Thai Binh University in Thai Binh where they want him to lead their effort to establish a program in public health.

Nhung Thi Phuong Nguyen, BS

Nhung began her studies here at the UTSPH in the fall of 2010, supported by a VEF fellowship. Nhung received the degree of BS at the Hanoi University of Pharmacy in 2008, and worked as a junior faculty member in the Department of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Management until August of 2010, when she began her doctoral studies in epidemiology. Her research interests are pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology, and health promotion.


Phuc Hong Le

Phuc Hong Le began her studies in Fall, 2007, and was initially funded through non-AITRP sources. She is a pharmacist trained at Hanoi University of Pharmacy. Since graduation from that institution, she has worked in Hanoi, most recently at a pharmaceutical company as a product promotion specialist organizing workshops to introduce clinical trials information, and developing marketing plans and strategies. She has had a long range goal of a career in public health, and has also worked as an official member of the Australian Helping Hands organization writing proposals of IT training centres for street kids and orphans. She is the recipient of several awards, including a research grant from the International Society of Infectious Diseases. She completed her MPH under Dr. Michael Swint, and continues under his supervision as she works towards her Dr PH. She began an AITRP Fellowship in the Spring of 2008.

Phuc Huu Phan, MD

Phuc Phan began a VEF fellowship here at the UTSPH in the Fall of 2008, and received an AITRP fellowship here at UTSPH beginning in the Fall of 2010. He obtained his medical degree in 1996, and then completed his Master of Science in Medicine from Hanoi Medical University. Since then, he worked as a clinician at the National Hospital of Pediatrics. He received an AusAID scholarship from the Australian government after passing a very competitive nationwide selection process to pursue his MPH at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney from 2003-2004. He then returned to the National Hospital of Pediatrics in Vietnam until coming to the UTSPH. Upon completion of his PhD, he returned to Vietnam to work on the epidemiology of emerging and re-emerging infections.

Picture 050 Thanh BUI 150x150 | Center for International Training and ResearchThanh Cong Bui, MD

Thanh received a VEF fellowship from 9/2004 through 8/2006 at Yale, and began a UTSPH AITRP fellowship here at UTSPH in 4/2007. After graduating from the University Training Center for Health Care Professionals in Ho Chi Minh City, in 2002, he was doing research on the street children of Ho Chi Minh City at the Health Education and Information Center in Ho Chi Minh City when he received his VEF fellowship in 2004. With Professor Christine Markham as his advisor, Thanh worked on “Application of the Theory of Gender and Power to Examine Self-Efficacy in Negotiating Safe Sex among Female College Students in the Mekong River Delta Region, Vietnam.” He spent the summer in Vietnam organizing the 2007 Workshop and conducting work towards his thesis. After attending the 2008 Hue Workshop, Thanh remained in Vietnam to collect data for his dissertation, returning to UTSPH in January, 2010 and graduating in May of that year. After graduation, Thanh received an AITRP postdoctoral fellowship to do research in Southeast Asia. Thanh is currently back in Houston for a second postdoctoral fellowship.

Thien Chinh Vu

Vu received a VEF fellowship from 9/2004 through 8/2006, and a UTSPH AITRP fellowship from 1/2007 through 8/2009. He received an AITRP postdoctoral Fellowship from 9/2009 thru 8/2010. After receiving the BSc from Hanoi University School of Pharmacy in 1995, he received an MPH from the University of Sydney in 2003. He holds a position with the Ministry of Health where he was working when he was awarded a VEF Fellowship in 2004. He completed his thesis entitled, “A Comprehensive Cost Analysis of Provision of Anti-Retrovirals Therapy (ART) in Public Sector in Vietnam” under Professor Michael Swint in the UTSPH Division of Health Policy and Management. Thien Vu also received an International Program Award at the UTSPH. Upon completion of his PhD, Thien returned to Vietnam.

Toan Ha, MD

Toan Ha came to the UTSPH with VEF support. After receiving his MD from Tay Nguyen University in Dak Lak, Vietnam in 1997 and a Masters of International Health at the University of Copenhagen, he spent a year as a Health and Hygiene Education officer at the Buon Ma Thuot Water and Sanitation Project in Vietnam, and was then a research consultant in Vietnam for the International Water Management Institute of Sri Lanka. Before coming to the SPH, Toan was also Project Officer in the Health and Nutrition Programme, Maternal and Child Health and the United Nations Children’s Funds (UNICEF) in Hanoi, Vietnam. His advisor was Dr. Markham and his dissertation topic was “Psychosocial variables associated with sexual risk behavior among an urban seventh grade population in Houston, Texas.”

Picture 012 Tuan VO2 150x150 | Center for International Training and ResearchTuan Vo

Tuan received a Vietnam government scholarship before VEF was created and was one of UT’s first Vietnamese doctoral students. Tuan is currently a member of the OB/GYN faculty of the HCMC Medical University where he also teaches epidemiology. After receiving an MPH from the University of Michigan School of Public Health in 2000, Tuan returned to Vietnam. In 2002, he came to the University of Texas School of Public Health, where he pursued PhD studies. Tuan has participated in our Annual Vietnam Workshops.

Vincent J. Tukei, MD

Vincent Tukei is a Ugandan trained medical doctor that has joined the Baylor College of Medicine AITRP beginning in the Fall, 2008, and as a UTSPH student, was a member of the UTSPH CITAR. He did his first degree in medicine and surgery (MBChB) from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (Uganda) and graduated in 1995. After one year of internship, he worked for another one year as a medical officer in a district hospital in Uganda. From 1998 to 2000, he worked as an assistant lecturer in the department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Mbarara University. In September 2000, he enrolled for studies at Central South University in Changsha, China and graduated with a Masters of Medicine degree in Pediatrics in July 2004. He joined the Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation (Uganda) in February 2005 as a pediatrician and worked as Head of Clinical Services for the Clinic until August 2008. Vincent pursued an MPH degree majoring in Epidemiology and graduated in 2010, returning to Uganda to continue with his former work of caring for HIV-infected children at the Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation, Uganda. He is also interested in research and hopefully, with the knowledge acquired here and with funding, he’ll be able to initiate some research studies in the field if HIV/AIDS among Children.


During most years, CITAR has planned and implemented training workshops on HIV research and prevention.  These workshops have been held in various cities in Vietnam, with the goal of delivering this opportunity to the different geographic regions (Hanoi, Hue, Nga Tran, Ho Chi Minh City, for example).

Picture 054 300x200 | Center for International Training and Research

CITAR workshop in Ho Chi Minh City

An example of the workshops is shown below in the material for our Hue workshop:


Location – Pediatric Unit of Hue Central Hospital

Participating Faculty


R. Palmer Beasley, M.D., Professor of Epidemiology and Disease Control
Edward Graviss, PhD., Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Lu-Yu Hwang, M.D., Professor of Epidemiology & Disease Control
Patricia Mullen, PhD., Professor of Behavioral Science and Health Promotion
Mark Williams, PhD., Professor of Behavioral Science and Health Promotion


Dr. Minh Huong, Hue Central Hospital
Dr. Nguyen Long, VAAC

Special Guests – Welcoming Remarks

Health Attaché US Embassy Hanoi, Michael Iademarco
VEF Executive Director
Director Hue Central Hospital, Bui Duc Phu

Participating CITAR Fellows Expected

Thanh Bui, Chinh Dang, Hao Thi Duong, Hung Luu, Duc Nguyen, Anh Ngo, Tuan Vo, Thien Vu, Phuc Le, Hung Luu

Workshop Schedule 2008





July 28



Organization board



CITAR introduction/welcoming remark

Drs. Beasley/Houng ToiToind Dr. Toi (VEF)




US and VN



Overview of HIV in Vietnam: opportunity and challenges

(Dr. Long (VAAC)






Epidemiology Research: principles/approach

Drs. Beasley, Hwang


3.15 – 3:30



3:30 – 5.00

Behavioral Epidemiology

Dr. Williams




HIV and co-infection – epidemiology, therapy&, prevention

Dr. Hwang/VEF fellow – Hao


10.00 – 10:30



10:30 – 12:00

HIV and malignancy

Dr. Beasley/VEF fellow-Hung Lu





1.30 – 3.15

Group tutorial for Epidemiology research papers discussion

Dr. Hwang, CITAR/VEF fellows


3.15 – 3.30



3.30 – 5.00

Group presentation

CITAR/VEF fellows


July 30


8.30 – 10:00

TB and HIV – diagnosis, epidemiology, therapy & prevention

Dr. Graviss/ VEF fellow- Duc


10.00 – 10.30



10:30 – 12.00

Behavioral Research: Theory & Intervention

Dr. Williams/VEF fellow- Thanh Bui






Group tutorial for Behavioral research papers discussion, presentation

Dr. Mullen, CITAR/VEF fellows


3.15 – 3.30



3.30 – 5.00

Group presentation

CITAR/VEF fellows


July 31



Introduction to Biostatistics

Dr. Hao


9.30 – 10.30

Program Evaluation I and Intervention Design

Dr. Mullen/ VEF fellow –Anh Ngo


10.30 – 11.00




Program Evaluation II

Dr. Mullen/VEF fellows






Proposal Writing

CITAR faculty – Hwang etc


2:30 – 5:00

Group Proposal/Program Development, individual office hour

CITAR/VEF fellows


August 1


8:30 – 12.00

Group/Individual Proposal/Program Presentation

CITAR/VEF fellows






Group/Individual Proposal/Program Presentation, cont.

CITAR/VEF fellows






Discussion, Course Evaluation, Future Perspective, and closing ceremony



Contact us

To contact us:

Lu-yu Hwang, MD, Director,

Margaret Dybala, Research Coordinator,