Youth Creating Change Mini-Grant Initiative

2019 - 2020 Mini-Grant Initiative

Youth Creating Change: Healthy Living through Civic Engagement

The Community Collaborative for Child Health is pleased to announce an opportunity for youth, schools and youth-based organizations to apply for a mini-grant in support of this year’s annual theme: Youth Creating Change: Healthy Living through Civic Engagement.

Youth-driven civic engagement empowers children and teens to proactively evaluate their community’s resources and challenges, problem-solve to address those needs, and connect with professionals and organizations in a way that encourages collaboration and builds social capital. Opportunities to enhance educational and professional pathways through civic involvement vary by social class, race, and ethnicity. Young people who are more positively connected to their schools and communities have a stronger sense of community and experience better health and social outcomes, including less substance abuse, less exposure to bullying and aggressive behavior, better mental and emotional health, and even increased physical activity.

The aim of the Youth Creating Change: Healthy Living through Civic Engagement mini-grant opportunity is to support initiatives by Central Texas youth and organizations that promote the empowerment of young people who seek to improve the fitness, nutrition, social-emotional well-being and other positive health outcomes in their communities and schools. With this mini-grant, the Collaborative will provide support and encouragement for individual youth, groups of youth, school groups or clubs, teachers, out-of-school-time educators, faith-based leaders, community organizations, and other community leaders.

Specific goals of the initiative are to foster youth-led initiatives that:

  • Promote positive health outcomes through civic engagement
  • Create leadership opportunities for children and youth that inspire involvement in healthy school and community activities. Support efforts toward healthy living with a focus on physical activity, nutrition, social-emotional well-being, and behaviors supporting positive health outcomes

The Collaborative is offering 10-15 awards between $150-$500 to support new initiatives or current projects, programs, events or trainings. Funding for the mini-grants is made possible by St. David’s Foundation.

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