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Rosemary originates from the Mediterranean region but has made its way to grow throughout Europe. It symbolized memory and fidelity and was used in ancient medicine. Its taste is piney and pungent yet slightly bitter. It is commonly used in Italian and Mediterranean blend seasonings, so you are likely familiar with the taste. Rosemary pairs deliciously with animal proteins, stuffing, soups, bread, tomatoes, root vegetables, and even beverages.

Nutritional Value

  • Antioxidants important to delay cell damage
  • Anti-inflammatory

How to Shop

Buy fresh rosemary that is refrigerated, lightly packed, and dark green in color.

How to Grow

When: Late summer if growing from seed outdoors. Late spring if starting seed indoors.

Where: An area that gets afternoon shade with Nitrogen-rich soil.

How: Use seed tape or space seeds 6/12 inches apart and ¼ inch deep. Water frequently and shallowly.

Harvest: After 60 days of planting, you can use gardening shears to harvest the entire plant. During the growing process, you can also harvest outer leaves as it grows.

How to Store

For fresh rosemary, store in a small glass of the refrigerator for 7-10 days. For dried rosemary, hang it in the kitchen at room temp.